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Bootstrap Anniversary Skin for Mediawiki

Anniversary is the newest version of Bootstrapkin updated to Bootstrap 3.3.2 and Font Awesome 4.3.0


I have been very mindful of making this version of Bootstrapskin (1.0.45) accessible to more wiki webmasters, the biggest criticism of previous versions has always been the overly large stylesheets, which caused large wiki's to load very slowly, thus my emphasis has been less style, more speed, and as a result of this 1.0.45 loads in almost half the time, 5.2 seconds opposed to 9.6 seconds for 1.0.43.

At this point I should say that while 1.0.45 is the latest version, 1.0.43 will remain supported for the foreseeable future too, let's just say that when I approached the subject of archiving it, it was met with strong opposition, the predominant reason being its depth of styling and features would be missed.

What is Bootstrapskin

Before we get into the nitty-gritty about what I've added or removed from this latest version of Bootstrapskin, I'd like to mention that the essence of this project isn't about downloading the products and using them as they are provided, their real purpose is for people to learn about Bootstrap and Mediawiki. The Bootstrapskin products are in essence simply skeleton skins with a mixture of Javascripts and stylesheets bolted on to make them look nice. The challenge for you is to use my skins, add your own styles and scripts and create something completely unique - which is a lot easier than you think.

What's missing?

The biggest change with regard to removed features is 1.0.45 no longer uses jQuery-ui.js, which was undoubtedly my worst decision in 1.0.43, and the single biggest contributor to extension conflicts. it's too soon to say which extensions will now work, but my hope is that Bootstrapskin and Semantic WIki / Semantic Forms will now play better together.

Many of Bootstraps advanced Javascript features such as Modals, Carousel, Tooltips and Popovers, are no longer included as standard (as quite frankly they were hardly used), however they can be added with relative ease - see more on Extending Anniversary.

What's new?

1.0.45 is a pure Bootstrap skin that includes none of my own custom styles, it has also been updated to Bootstrap 3.3.2 and Font Awesome 4.3.0, so in terms of modernization 1.0.45 is the most up to date Mediawiki skin available.

Since there were so many positive comments about Nexmenu it has been added too. I've also made a couple of minor mods to the content layout, so that wiki text is mobile friendly without the necessity of adding Bootstrap columns - though pages that only include wiki text will still require "correctly" inserted images to remain mobile friendly.

<div class="thumbnail img-thumbnail">http://mediawikibootstrapskin.co.uk/images/your-image.png"></div>

Not using the thumbnail img-thumbnail classes for images on wiki text only page with result in a non mobile friendly page.

1.0.45 does not work on Mediawiki versions < 1.23.0

This is because Bootstrap\'s JavaScript requires jQuery version 1.9.1 or higher, which conflicts with pre 1.23 versions of Mediawiki.

What's it for?

1.0.45 makes it far easier to create unique skins, this version is probably going to be less popular than previous versions because using it to make a wiki look exciting, fresh and above all unique, will take more work for anyone that isn't conversant with Bootstrapskin.

1.0.45 is a developers version, a skeleton skin with minimal styling and features.

1.0.45 is a tool, which I intend to use for all fourth generation skins.

What's next?

Moving from beta to stable

I'm pretty conservative when it comes to skins, which usually means extending the beta stage of development a little longer than necessary, however since this is a technical update, apposed to any change in coding unless any bugs are reported I will be moving 1.0.45 from beta to stable on the 1st April 2015.

Five brand new pro skins

Never being one to let the grass grow under my feet, I'm currently in the process of creating the first of five brand new skins, which as promised will be completely free of charge. Each skin will be based on different industry sectors and include related functionality in the form of some cool new extensions.


All of the Bootstrapskin family extensions work with this version and I'm also optimistic that the removal of jQuery-ui.js will mean that some of the more popular external extensions such as Semantic Mediawiki and Semantic Forms will now work better with Bootstrapskin.

Why Anniversary?

March 2015 marks the first anniversary of Bootstrapskin's launch.