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Mediawiki Pre-Loaded Text Tutorial

Following numerous requests from users and customers the following is a tutorial on how to include preloaded text into the edit form when creating new pages. This extension isn't one of our's though we have created a more convenient method of installation - at the time of writing this extension is not being supported by the developer.

Screenshot below gives you an idea of the functionality.



Unpack the extension into the Mediawiki extensions folder and add the following to LocalSettings.php;

require_once "$IP/extensions/Preloader/Preloader.php";
$wgPreloaderSource[ NS_MAIN ] = 'Template:UserContribution';

** Replace "UserContribution" (above) with a string appropriate to your wiki.


Visit your wiki and create the template associated with the preloaded text, e.g. /index.php?title=Template:UserContribution.

Create a new page to check the functionality.