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wikiEvolved! - Still Mediawiki, but Evolving!

The fourth generation bootstrap styled skin - the most up to date and stylish skin yet!

Why Hadron is in a class of its own?

Hadron uses Bootstrap 3.3.2 which is automatically compiled into .less making it a lot faster, it also benefits from a modern (and yet more simplistic) menu, the most up to date version of Font Awesome (4.3.0) and numerous customizations that give Hadron it's distinctive look and feel.

When will Hadron be released?

Hadron will be the default skin for the new wikiEvolved! software that is currently being developed.

Though Hadron is my latest creation I'm not going to release it yet as I'm in the process of adapting Mediawiki so that there's no longer any need to install my skins and extensions. In fact there'll be no need to visit my website to view the guides, because once wikiEvolved! is installed you will be left with an exact replica of this demo site, along with the Hadron skin, all of the extensions, as well as all the guides and tutorials.

Why I'm changing things?

I've taken a step back to reflect on how people use my skins, yes you can create a great looking wiki, but in reality most don't bother and use wiki text instead. It seems that having guides, tutorials and extensions isn't enough, especially for users that are inexperienced and so wikiEvolved! takes matters into its own hands by adding the extensions and creating the content during the installation process.

Essentially I'm changing things so that it's a lot easier to create a great looking wiki.

How will this help?

In short you'll have direct access to all of the code required to add the Bootstrap classes to your own wiki pages, just visit the page that contains the class you want to include, click edit (contained in the system menu), copy what you need and paste it into your new page.

There's also no need to install the skin or the extensions, as it all occurs automatically during installation.

Will I need to do anything after wikiEvolved is installed?

Yes you will need to modify the menu links so that they point to your wiki pages, but that's all

What are the biggest changes?

For a while there won't be much change (aside from those to the installer).

Long term there are many changes, and I'll not spoil the surprise, but rest assured there's a lot more very cool stuff on the way.

Will wikiEvolved really happen or is a pipe dream?

wikiEvolved will happen because there is already a working beta and the installation process works flawlessly, it's just not available to the public yet because I want to add more features and tidy up the installer so that it includes installation help.

How will wikiEvolved be supported?

I'm using a new domain for this software, which will be community based rather than contain lots of demo's (obviously theres no need for a demo anymore) and support will be provided through the new forums. wikiEvolved will be available to download from the forums, but you'll need to be member to access it, but it will be free of charge.

You call it wikiEvolved! but won't it still be Mediawiki?

That's a good point , yes it will still be Mediawiki, and to a degree this will always be the case, however there are some very big changes coming, most notably to how content is added! The development road map also includes forking the Mediawiki project, so at some stage the modified software will need a new name, so now was as good a time as any to name it.

Commercial or Open Source?

wikiEvolved! will be Open Source from day one and will remain Open Source forever.

.Less Styling

Extending Bootstrap by adding features that allow variables, mixins and functions, perfect for making a more themable wiki.

Automatically compiled to ensure a faster wiki, regardless of the resources you're using.

User Friendly

Designed for ease of use, with automatic content creation and extension installation.

Creating a beautiful wiki will no longer be such a challenge, regardless of your level of experience.

Authentic Aims

Encompassing the true spirit of Open Source by only focusing on user need.

Completely unassociated with any external organization and driven entirely by the community!