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We believe in no compromise design solutions - why use several content management systems, when with the Bootstrapskin family of products you can create a document management system that does it all!

Title Banners

Promote important information with Halcyon's new banner class, a full width transparent background to highlight page titles.

You can also use banners to divide sections of a page or as a footer section.

Halcyon has four default banner class colours with the option to add as more.

2nd August 2014 Lee Miller Styles

More Great Features

Did you know?

In addition to the brand new components and styles included with Halcyon, you can also use any of the thousands of styling features available with Boostrapskin.

Throw into the mix our many plugins and you can to create a wiki/website that includes any type functionality.

1st June 2014 Lee Miller Latest

Get Halcyon for Free!

Want to get your hands on a completely free copy of Halcyon?

Registered charities and high profile Open Source projects can obtain Halcyon along with setup and preferential support completely free of charge.

Get in touch for more information.

20th May 2014 Lee Miller Latest