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Halcyon - "A Mediawiki website unlike any other Mediawiki website!"

Superior Styling

Halcyon is our second commercial skin, and comes packed to the brim with exciting new styles that easily allow you to show off your products and services. The Halcyon design is based on transparency, moving from a traditional white background, to a more modern look that and feel with an image background.

Halcyon includes two distinct article content background types, transparent and default as well as retaining the ability to use normal wiki markup. Halcyon also introduces new button classes, box classes and tile classes, which all come in transparent and defaut style.

Featured Scripting

Halcyon introduces two brand new additions to the Bootstrapskin family of jQuery plugins, both created especially for Halcyon with its transparent and image background theme.

Halcyon uses a custom hidden menu, allowing you to make the most of the background feature - Halcyon is no clutter concept, making it easier to create clean, simple wiki content - but with style!

We've also included a smooth scrolling action, which makes navigating to the juicy bits a breeze. Smooth Scroll can be used for incontent navigation, with images, text or as we have done here, to scroll between elements on a single page.

Get Halcyon!

We offer free access to beautifully designed Mediawiki skins to give your Mediawiki site a stunning and unique look with incredible functionality.

Our products feature an amazing variety of design styles, colors, and cutting edge techniques to provide the perfect design for any project.

Click here to download your free copy of Halcyon.