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About Bootstrapskin

About Bootstrapskin


Bootstrapskin is a free and open-source multi-functional skin for Mediawiki, that uses custom Bootstrap style sheets and a library of jQuery plugins. It also includes a range of extensions which are designed to add visual features and functionality to the skin. "Multi-Functional" describes Bootstrapskin's practical uses - i.e. It can be used as a tool to develope and create new skins in addition to having the ability to include Bootstrap styling within Mediawiki articles.

Bootstrapskin began its life as an extension that was developed to become a skin that was launched in June 2014, since that time there have been six major updates to the core files, with version 1.0.43 being the first completely stable version.

Bootstrapskin is used by websites from over 70 countries with an estimated deployment of 3-4 hundred and rising. Since version 1.0.43's launch in August 2014 the Bootstrapkin family of products have been downloaded over 2200 times (approx 700 per month), and our web pages are viewed over 20k times every month.

Bootstrapskins reliability, stability and ease of use are demonstrated by its lack of support requests, which feedback tells us is attrubuted to documentation which provides a demonstration of the features along with a copy and paste facility which allows users to incorporate features directly into their own wiki.


Bootstrapskins developement from a beta version to its current form was largely helped by the community who reported bugs and shaped the developement process. The project goal has always been to provide a solution that meets the needs of the people who use it, and to do this we have to listen to what they want. This ethos remains the primary means of change and creating new extensions.

Other notable contributors are Dennis Groenewegen who assisted with Mediawiki related aspects of the design process, he also helped to solve several latent bugs relating to Mediawiki search.

Bootstrapskin was created by Lee Miller, who is currently the only active developer of the skin and its extensions. Lee provides support for the project and continues to create bespoke Mediawiki skins and extensions. He is a specialist consultant of Mediawiki deployment and skin/extension design.

The Future

As with all popular Open Source projects Bootstrapskin relies heavily upon external funding, from the outside it may seem like a small project (when compared with Mediawiki and other notable systems) but it takes considerable effort, time and resources to maintain and support. The project has thus far been fortunate to receive just enough funding to remain active until the end of 2015, but me need more help.

Our goal is to create a fork of Mediawiki, one that offer a more user friendly method of deploying a wiki and that "truly" embodies the spirit of Open Source.