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strong class="selflink" Fix

There are now several custom skins available for Mediawiki, most use superior styling that displays incorrectly when the auto generated selflink is applied to an article link.

Creating a Successful Wiki

There’s a lot of effort involved in building a popular wiki, it’s not just about creating content and hoping visitors will stumble blindly upon your specialist topic, it involves ...

Mediawiki Duplicate Content Fix

Duplicate content on your Mediawiki website can at best mean loss of traffic or at worse receiving penalties from search engines. Learn how you can solve duplicate content with a very simple fix.

Add Mediawiki Commenting

Have you ever wanted to add an advanced feature to Mediawiki? Have you scoured the web to find a commenting extension that looks cool and includes social features?

Get Traffic to your Wiki

Struggling to get traffic to your wiki? This comprehensive includes tips from a seasoned wiki professional. Top tips include howto compete with other websites and wiki's, how to use media to your advantage and how to increase your rankings and obtain page one positions for multiple key phrases.

Top Mediawiki Extensions

Find out which Mediawiki extensions were voted as the top Mediawiki extensions of 2014. In September we polled Bootstrapskin users and members to find out which extensions they love and why. To help you decide if you agree we've also included some onpage demonstration.