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Welcome to Mediawiki Bootstrap Skin

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A flexible, multi-functional Bootstrap styled skin for Mediawiki.

Looking to create a unique wiki or one that duplicates an existing brand or website theme? Want your wiki to be mobile friendly, with the ability to include JavaScript features directly into your wiki content? Bootstrapskin is an award winning open source project that takes Mediawiki development to a completely new level by providing everything you need to create a dynamic, fully featured Mediawiki website.



Mobile ready skin with iPhone addon


Open Source

Open Source code free to use and edit



Extensive documentation and support network.



Love our Skin? Why not try our extensions too?

About Bootstrapskin

BootStrapSkin is a multi-purpose (Mobile Friendly) skin for Mediawiki, that can be used as is or as a skinning template to create dynamic websites for Mediawiki - This website is an example of Bootstrapskin in action.

There's absolutely no magic involved , or any requirement to add unsecure html, simply follow our guides to create a feature rich, exciting wiki that people will love to visit and participate in.

Version 1.0.43 (released in August 21st 2014) includes eleven Bootstrap styled colours, numerous optional addons, over 30 plugins and custom extensions, including the popular Lightbox Gallery, Google Maps and News Ticker extensions. Version 1.0.43 is completely stable and highly maintained with regular updates .

What is Bootstrapskin?