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To Showcase your Content

Bootstrap Features

In addition to the 12 base colour styles available with all of our Mediawiki skins, Nexus also includes a range of custom styles created especially for this skin. Each base style includes 30k lines of code with numerous methods of showcasing website content and with the addition of the custom Nexus style the possibilities to promote content are almost endless!

jQuery Features

Nexus uses jQuery to add the majority of the advanced Bootstrap features such as Modals, Carousel and Nav Tabs. Many of the Nexus Social plugins also use jQuery, such as the newly released Twitter Feed and Social Sharing plugins (both created for Nexus). As with all aspects of Nexus the possibilities are only limited by imagination.

Nexus Extensions

Nexus uses several of our custom extensions. The contact us page, the eCommerce functionality, in addition to Newsletter extension you will find on Nexus' home page. We can also add other special extension features on a per project basis depending on your requirements. Our other extensions are also available at no extra cost.

Mobile Features

Nexus is a complete mobile ready solution, the base skin benefits from styling that reduces elements dependant on the screen size used to view the website. For customers that need advanced iPhone and Smart Phone viewing capabilities, Nexus includes the Mini skin which renders the pages perfectly for small devices.

Bootstrap Feature List

Loosely translated features not requiring jQuery use a style sheet, whereas those that use jQuery require extra scripts. The list below is for general information, a complete list can be found at the main website.

Feature Requires jQuery
Mega Menu
Nav Tabs
Pop Overs
Social Buttons
Tool Tips

Nexus Extensions

Nexus includes the functionality required to use Mediawiki in the same way as any other content management system, but with the added bonus of having the amazing information capabilities of Mediawiki. Nexus currently uses three of our extensions in addition to several plugin extension which are easily installed if required.

Contact Extension

A secure and simple to use Contact page extension that allows visitors to send messages, which once sent returns the sender to custom thank you page with details of what they can expect next.

Newsletter Extension

An extension which allows you to collect client and visitor emails for inclussion into a mailing list for newsletters etc.

eCommerce Extension

Have complete control over your products and services with our secure shopping cart widget that includes numerous features such as, invoicing, e-Goods, discount coupons, stock control, product options and much more. Also includes over 20 payment gateways.

Social Plugins

Nexus includes our complete range of Social Plugin Extensions, these currently include; Twitter Timeline, Social Sharing, Youtube and Facebook Like and Comments plugins.