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Wiki Demo


I've created this page to demonstrate that it is quite simple to swap syntax depending on your needs. For example the forward facing areas that are viewable to visitors and customers uses Nexus/Bootstrap coding, whereas the hidden business areas which contain confidential information can use the default Mediawiki Syntax.

This is usefull because the entire management of your online businesses can be carried out by staff working together, with one group creating the forward facing, public pages of the website and another group adding and editing sensitive information relevant to their department. Of course you can use Bootstrap to style your information pages if you so wish.

There is almost no limit to the amount of users that can login and create content at the same time, Mediawiki has the potential for thousands of users simultaneously writing and editing pages (see more on limitations below) .

What's more Mediawiki syntax is very easy to learn, meaning information can be added very easily by any member of staff with very little training.


Information is shared using predefined permissions, content is thus veiwable on a need to know basis.

Mediawiki uses permissions to grant or deny access to content categories. The are several default user roles (users, editors and admins), but more are generally needed for larger organisations where there is a greater need to limit access to confidential documents. It is good practice to use a permissions based hierachy that mimics your organisation structure, employees are aware of these levels and will therefore have a better understanding of the wiki permissions.

An example of this would be personnel files, where you would need to grant access to all employees for working polices, practices and procedures, a seperate level of access would be granted to documents about individual staff members (i.e. work history, disciplinaries, sickness etc.) and further permissions would be used to grant access to creating and editing records as an when neccesary.

Customers and vistors do not occupy any user group and therefore can only access, publically categorised content.

In Action

If you visit the Site Map you'll find a section entitled "Wiki Pages," try accessing any of the Human Resources pages.


As far as I know there are no limitations ....

The Intel Corporation wiki includes over 10 thousand pages, is used by 100 thousand employees and experiences an unprecedented 3 thousand regular contributors adding and editing content on a weekly basis - this exceeds even Wikipedia.

Intel uses Mediawiki for the entirely of the information needs - HR and sales information, how to's and help pages, policies and procedure as well as business forecasting, strategy and professional standards.

Dual Syntax

You can also use both Bootstrap and wiki syntax in your articles - see the following for an example Personnel page.