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7 listopada 2018

Where to set up the TV in the living room?

Arrangement of the living room is extremely important - everything should fit together perfectly, because this living room is (or at least it is worth to be) the most representative part of the house. Unfortunately, it happens that some people mismatch certain elements or choose the wrong setting in the room, which, for example, makes it difficult to use it in practice at a later date.

An important part of the living room is, among other things, a TV set - sometimes it is placed in such a way that it is difficult to watch some programs comfortably. And even though it is not the most important thing to do, there are many families where you can relax with TV. Thanks to the correct setting, we are also able to spend time with friends in this way - looking at photos or making an interesting movie in the evening. Where to put the TV in the living room, so that it doesn't get in the way, but so that we can use it comfortably?

How do I adjust the setting?

The rooms in which we arrange the living room can be different - and their later layout depends on how they look like in concrete terms. For example, at this moment you often meet living rooms connected to the kitchen - separated from each other only by a kitchen worktop, where you can also sit down, the so-called island. Placing a TV in a similar living room will depend on whether someone wants to watch TV while standing in the kitchen and preparing something, or whether they want to have guests in front of them, with whom they will talk comfortably.

Home cinema - how to put it

As you can see, the TV set up in the living room must be arranged in such a way as to fulfill the tasks that the owner has for him/her. Another issue is whether someone likes watching films and does it often, or whether it is a rather rare phenomenon in his or her life. We need to pay less attention to unnecessary things. And if you have the entire cinema set in your home, you should also plan everything accordingly, for example, in order to get the right voice experience.

How to place a home theater in the living room?

The arrangement of the living room where the home cinema is to be located is governed by its own rules. The screen is then placed centrally on one of the walls, but not in front of the window. On its axis, at a distance of not less than three diagonals of the screen, place the sofa / sofa / corner. Position the front speakers at ear level, the centre speaker on or below the screen, and the bass speakers wherever it's comfortable. We should also remember that, above all, we should arrange everything in such a way that we, as residents who will be using a given room every day, will be comfortable. Therefore, it is best to use one's own senses and, if necessary, to move individual elements, adapting them to one's own needs.



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