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21 stycznia 2018

Mysterious orthodontic braces

Orthodontic braces not without a reason is commonly considered to be an ideal solution for those who dream of a perfect occlusion. It is worth taking an interest in it, as it is not known from now on that straight teeth are more than just a nice smile. They also allow to take care of oral hygiene with greater ease, and at the same time they turn out to be a proven way to prevent tooth decay and periodontosis.

Today, orthodontic braces are no longer referred to as necessity. Its wearing is fashion, in addition, fashion exceptionally healthy, because it allows not only for the treatment of malocclusion, but also for coping with complexes. Orthodontic braces are currently so popular that they are successfully worn not only by children, but also by adults. At present, a huge number of their supporters are young people, who appreciate visually interesting hearing aids with decorations.

Movable orthodontic braces for children

The process of replacing milk teeth with permanent ones usually stretches over time, so it may take several years. It is during this period that the shape of the child's jaws and jaws changes. If parents think that milk teeth don't grow straight, they shouldn't ignore it, and certainly they shouldn't wait until the child has permanent teeth. If your child is under 12 years of age, your doctor will usually suggest using a removable removable device.

Wearing them contributes to the fact that they lean in the right direction, and the jaws grow in the right way. There is no single factor determining the effectiveness of this type of treatment. However, the key role is played by the cooperation of the child and his or her parent with the doctor. If parents don't cheer the child and don't care if the hearing aid is worn properly, it's hard to count on it making sense to use it. It is also important to keep an eye on the dates when check-ups should take place, during which the doctor analyses the progress of treatment.

Orthodontic braces for children

When to wear orthodontic braces

Fixed braces are more effective than removable braces, but children can only put them on once all their permanent teeth have grown up. Adults are in this happier situation that their age no longer matters. In older people, however, the braces themselves may not be sufficient, as it often turns out that a malocclusion occurs when the mandible or jaw is incorrectly built.

In this case, the insertion of the apparatus must be preceded by a surgical intervention. Adults must also take into account the fact that the correction of malocclusion will be preceded by actions such as implantation and prosthetic procedures. Of course, it is difficult to avoid the question of why there is actually so often talked about the need to straighten teeth at the moment.

Why straighten teeth?

It turns out that there are at least several reasons. If both jaws fit together perfectly and at the same time the teeth are even, the appearance of the face improves. Its oval becomes natural and the perception of a smile also improves. Straight teeth also lead to the elimination of many pronunciation defects, and if their full correction is not possible, there is always a chance that they will become less troublesome. Straightened to allow for perfect chewing of food. As a result, digestion is less problematic, the patient can count on regular bowel movements and enjoys good health for longer. Straight teeth themselves also mean less work for the dentist, who is able to protect them not only against decay, but also against gum disease with greater ease. Tooth straightening is such a complicated task that it is taken care of by a special doctor - orthodontist.



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