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22 lutego 2019

Why should I sign up for fitness?

Everyone knows that sport is health. Most people realize that there should be time for physical activity every day or almost every day. However, few people apply this knowledge in practice. We explain ourselves by the lack of company, tiring work or constant hurry. However, it is worth to break through and check if it really means to be able. At the beginning we propose fitness and to encourage you to present a few arguments why it is worth enrolling in the classes.

Nice silhouette

Regular physical activity helps to maintain a nice and healthy figure. During the fitness classes we exercise all the muscles, thanks to which our whole figure gains. A well-groomed body is a reason to be proud. It's something that makes us feel more beautiful and self-confident. Let's not look for excuses such as menstruation. It is not a disease but a physiological phenomenon. If you feel pain, you can use e.g. analgesic tablets with decsketoprofen. Menstruation is not an indication to leave sports activities. You can afford a small discounted tariff, but it is worth knowing that light physical exercise is advisable on "these days", because it helps to overcome the pain associated with menstruation.


The right amount of exercise has a positive effect on our health. It is the simplest and at the same time very effective preventive method. Not everyone is aware of the fact that regular athletes are less prone to type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cancer. Overweight and obesity, which may result from avoiding physical activity, have a negative effect on the hormonal balance and may contribute to the occurrence of complications during pregnancy and perinatal period. Excess weight systematically burdens joints and accelerates the development of osteoarthritis.


Physical exertion causes the secretion of endorphins, i.e. hormones of happiness. Many athletes confirm that they feel much better after training. They are satisfied with each other, proud and motivated to take up new challenges. Classes such as fitness are also an opportunity to relieve stress and tension in a healthy and controlled way.

Opportunity to meet

It is said that man is a herd creature. We like to spend time with other people. Fitness classes can be an opportunity to leave home and find yourself among people with similar interests. Encourage your friend to train together or go alone and make new acquaintances.

The first step to being a better version of oneself

If we invest our time and financial resources in fitness classes, we want to achieve a certain goal. It is the loss of extra pounds, sculpting the figure or simply taking care of your physical and mental health. Noticeable changes motivate us to take further steps, e.g. deepening our knowledge of a healthy diet or methods of fighting stress, becoming interested in the subject of fashion and selection of outfit for figure and occasion, learning how to make professional make-up or nail styling. Satisfaction with one's image and awareness of one's own strengths and skills is the basis for continuous climbing new peaks and consistent self-development.



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