10 października 2017

Digital Revolution in Automotive Industry

Digital transformation has influenced almost every kind of industries, and automotive industry is not different. Customers want digitally enhanced cars, and that is exactly what they will eventually get.

Buying a car

Nowadays, we can use Internet to learn everything we want about any car we are interested in. But that’s not all, as in some showrooms there are big video screens displaying information about certain cars. There is also a possibility to virtually open the door, look inside and outside the car and hear the sound that it is making.

Autonomous Vehicles

Cars that drives themselves are going to be something normal in the near future. It may be possible if we successfully collaborate some of the advanced technologies, such as GPS, cameras, sensors, connectivity and algorithms. As autonomous vehicles (AV) will be able to handle all situations and conditions, it is expected that the number of deaths and accidents on the roads will eventually decrease.

Connected Supply Chain And Manufacturing

Digitization of the connected supply chains not only lowers the costs, but also makes it more effective when it comes to engagement of the customer. Automotive industry can also collect and use data, so it knows and serves the customers better.

Advanced algorithms and AI are now used in factories to create schedules and manage workflow. There are also robots which work on assembly lines next to people. All of this increase productivity and drop defect rates.

Intelligent cars


You don’t have to worry about the condition of your car and possible work in its maintenance, as thanks to the self-diagnostic systems, you will be alerted about occurring problems and service the vehicle when needed. Such technology combined with skilled mechanics can remarkably reduce the number of failures and recalls.


Public and private ride sharing has become really popular and automotive industry noticed it. That is why customers may be presented with some elimination of expenses connected with purchasing the car. With only maintenance, licensing and registration costs, mobility-as-a-service means that customers can save a lot of money.

Data Security

Such intelligent cars collect a lot of data and besides its usefulness, there is also a risk that a system used in our car may be hacked. That is why, manufacturers are facing a huge challenge to secure and protect such crucial data, as digital transformations in automotive industry go on.



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