7 grudnia 2019

Content Marketing - how to use it for sales?

If you have a company, you want your product to sell well. It's a pretty obvious dependency, and Content Marketing requires you to suspend this type of thinking. Instead of desperately writing praise for your products just to make them sell well, you need to hold your natural reflexes for a moment and try to focus on valuable content.


Content marketing - the so-called content marketing - is a strategy that attracts customers by publishing attractive, useful content. They are to be targeted at a specific, clearly defined group of recipients and help build long-term contact with them. Instead of one-sided, obvious advertising, we have a committed relationship between the seller and the customer.

Content Marketing refers to all content that is published (and distributed) on the Internet. It is therefore possible to include articles, manuals, reports, but also webinars, evideo, podcasts or interesting infographics. The most important thing is that the content provided is reliable and really needed - thanks to that both the company and the client can gain measurable benefits.


1. viral marketing, i.e. persuading potential customers to disseminate information about a given company on their own. This can be achieved by means of various platforms, such as forums, industry blogs or social media.

SEO activities, i.e. website optimization for search engines and their positioning. Attractive articles favour willing visits and increased linking, which in a straight line contributes to the growing interest in the offer of the company. Content Marketing is one of the main techniques of Inbound Marketing, aimed at independent finding of the company by the customer.


Attention, this truth will hurt: promotional content simply doesn't work. Long-term bombing of people with advertising has made them immune to this type of treatment. Internet users simply ignore them. A good alternative is to focus on creating content that directly affects the recipient and his or her problems. Then your readers will start to disseminate it, increase its reach and attract new potential consumers to your website. Marketers should feel the role of the customer and offer him/her content that will be of interest to him/her. Promotion can only be a non-subtle addition, and not an axis around which the whole article or graphics is built. Content Marketing is supposed to help, advise and entertain, and as a result - positively influence the sales of a given company.


The leading idea of Content Marketing can be summed up in one sentence: the promoted content is to reconcile what the brand wants to say about itself and what is actually able to interest (and engage) the recipient. Today, Internet users search for information themselves using a search engine. Boring, non-original or typically advertising content is ignored by them and treated as spam. What may attract the consumer's attention must be either helpful (in the sense of guidance and education) or at least entertaining. A good example for marketers can be any kind of memes or demotivators. Good thoughts and funny pictures have such a number of shares that most companies can only dream of.

Instead of invasive advertising - solving customer problems related to the company's vision or products. Instead of boring slogans - fighting boredom and repetition. Such a method will inspire confidence in the consumer, and it is it that really determines the success of a brand. Marketing directors of giants such as Samsung and Red Bull openly admit to this. Content Marketing is a much more effective tool for gaining customers than traditional advertising methods. Thanks to it, you can gain a significant advantage over less progressive competition.

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Content Marketing allows you to recruit consumers who simply wouldn't have thought of reaching for a particular product. This can be achieved, among other things, by

Whether on a blog or YouTube channel, interesting content will encourage users to subscribe. This can be used for promotional activities at further stages.

Customer loyalty
Thanks to this, we will sell more products to a smaller, specific group of loyal people.

3. integration of the blog with the company website
The search engine will direct Internet users to useful content on the blog, and they, encouraged by valuable content, will voluntarily go to the homepage and get acquainted with the offer.

Premium content
Webinars or e-books placed on the blog will deepen the knowledge of the client about a given topic. This is where you can find more information about the offer.

5. content promotion
Do not promote the offer, but an interesting content, e.g. using the Internet forum. Over time, this will translate into more activity on the part of the customer - the number of people visiting the blog, following social media profiles, subscribers and brand ambassadors will increase.



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