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18 stycznia 2019

Paintings for the living room - how to choose?

Deciding to decorate the living room in the form of paintings, each of us struggles with a difficult choice. On the market there is a very wide selection of images in different styles, sizes and colors.

Paintings for the living room - how to choose them?

Size of the image - mainly depends on the size of the room. A large image is a good solution for minimalistic interiors. However, if there are already a lot of extras in the room, it is worth deciding on smaller pictures - they will still be a great decoration, and not overwhelming.

The second issue to consider is the theme of images. Even a small reproduction of Picasso's painting will attract more attention than simple Scandinavian style graphics in a large format. However, what is in the picture should also fit in with the style in which the whole room is decorated.

Modern framed images

The main principle in the arrangement is consistency and consistency. It is worth remembering this when choosing accessories to the interior design - in such a case there is a small risk that the element will not harmonize perfectly with the others. Modern paintings in the frames are very subdued - there are no decorative decorations or accessories on the frame. Only the size of the image and the color scheme of the frame have a significant influence on the reception of the image.

Wall decorations

In a modern interior, not only do single large paintings fit in, but also duets, triptychs and more numerous galleries work well. They look best arranged on a symmetrical wall, when they have a similar format and size. It would be worthwhile to keep them in a similar character and colours.

What image for a classic living room?

In the case of classic salons with a typical decor, the choice of the painting does not have to be limited to those with a simple frame. It may be rich in decorations, corrugations or sculptures, which should have been avoided in modern frames and paintings. You can boldly play with the colour and shape of the frames, because in salons decorated according to the classic style is not required as much consistency of decoration as in typically Scandinavian interiors.

The gallery of paintings in a living room decorated in the classical style can be created for years and can be very diverse. This is where her charm and elegance lies. On the walls there may appear photos of children or pictures that you get as a gift. They do not have to be similar in colour or kept in the same character - diversity is highly desirable and fashionable. Such an interior presents itself very elegantly and carries a lot of information about the life and functioning of the household members - it is a reflection of their way of being and memories.



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