16 marca 2020

Cracow Shooting Academy - how about a stag do on a shooting range in Krakow?

Shooting becomes more and more popular in Poland and people gladly spend their free time on one of numerous shooting ranges. Plenty of people really got into it and use this activity to blow off some steam or simply enjoy it as a way to spend time with their friends. Also for tourists it became an interesting experience - they visit local shooting ranges while they are in Poland.

For those living or visiting Krakow and its surroundings we propose Cracow Shooting Academy - one of the most popular shooting ranges in the region.

It will not be surprising if it turns out that, in fact, it is the number one shooting range in the heart of Malopolska region. Hundreds of recommendations from happy clients, not only from Poland but also from abroad seem to confirm this. Check out their Google My Business site - at the moment when this article is being written there are over 200 opinions that sum up to a pure 5.0 score - and that says it all. Looking through comments there you can conclude that it’s not just local people enjoying time they spend there but also visitors from around the globe.

What attracts so many clients to this particular shooting range in Krakow? Let’s check it out!

Different people, different needs, different offers

Whether you are just starting your adventure with shooting or you actually have some experience and handling a gun is not difficult for you anymore - in packages offered by Cracow Shooting Academy you will surely find something that will fit you perfectly. There are six possible options starting with Basic all the way to Badass. Of course there is also a difference in price - Basic offers you 30 shots with 3 different guns (Colt 1911, MP5 and Glock) for 120PLN while Badass will give you 70 shots with 6 different guns (Magnum, Kalashnikov, AR 15, Uzi, Glock and Shotgun) for 300PLN. There are several packages in between offering different amount of shots with different guns like, for instance, CZ Shadow. With such a wide offer, everyone will find something for themselves. The prices are also pretty appealing, for both locals in Krakow and for tourists visiting the region - price range from 120 to 300PLN is absolutely acceptable.

A great gift for an adrenaline junkie

There is also a possibility of buying a gift voucher. This can be an excellent choice as a gift for your friend or family but also as a prize or a goodie for your employees in the company. The vouchers are valid for three months, so the recipient will surely have enough time to use it in a date that will be suitable for them. You can find out more about Cracow Shooting Academy gift cards on their website.

Perfect location

It doesn’t matter if you are located in Krakow or outside of the city, Cracow Shooting Academy will be easily accessible. It is located at Pasternik Street no 128. This venue is well known to all shooting enthusiasts in the neighbourhood. You can get there with your own car, by taxi or using public transportation. In case of bigger, organized events the shooting range offers a rental of special bus for participants. What do we mean by organized events? Let’s see!

Ultimate entertainment for stag do or corporate party

It’s good to know that shooting range is widely chosen as a venue for big organized events or at least for part of it. Let’s start with the most popular of them all - a stag night, of course. Krakow itself is a place that attracts thousands of young people from all around Europe for a celebration of this special occasion. It’s not just the beauty of the city and numerous clubs where you can dance till dawn that are interesting for people - it’s also a wide offer of other, more original ideas that you can implement. One of these is surely a stag do on a shooting range.

It’s both easy to organize and reasonably priced so every year more and more guests from abroad opt for such entertainment. And, what’s important to underline - it’s not just stag nights but hen nights as well!

It’s not everything, though. Corporate parties, trainings - among such type of events a shooting range is also becoming a popular choice. After all, some shooting can be a great addition to a teambuilding. There is also a conference room at the venue, which is a great advantage for companies.

Fantastic service

Last but not least, Cracow Shooting Academy has a great customer service. The crew consists of real shooting enthusiasts, who are doing this for years, and they keep training and polishing their skills. Obviously everyone speaks fluent English as well - it’s important not just for comfort and satisfaction of clients from abroad, but also for their safety.

Cracow Shooting Academy hires professional trainers of sport shooting and dynamic shooting. All employees are also certified to lead an organized event on a shooting range. Additionally, among people responsible for the venue you will find doctor Jaroslaw Hebda - one of fastest pistol shooters in the world.

We highly recommend you to visit the website of Cracow Shooting Academy. The offer includes not only a great variety of guns but also professional infrastructure and excellent customer service. We invite not only individual clients but also companies, groups of friends or people interested in organizing bigger events - in this case we encourage you to contact the crew in order to establish the details.

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