23 grudnia 2018

How to fill the empty office wall?

An interesting decoration of a room does not have to be avant-garde and unusual. More and more people are choosing to print images on canvas. Such a technique slightly reduces costs, and the effect looks really interesting. Depending on the content, such a picture will work both at home and in the workplace. It can decorate children's room, bedroom, kitchen, office.... The possibilities are directly unlimited.

Printers offer a lot of ready-made patterns, although it is also possible to print your own photo. How to get started? How to choose the right photographs and make them beautiful images?

Custom inventiveness or a wide range of "ready-made" products

Printers usually offer a catalogue of ready-made photos that can be printed on canvas. This option has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantages are good preparation of ready-made photographs - appropriate resolution, size, quality and colours. This always works well in the office or company headquarters. Ready galleries contain a lot of really interesting options. So it does not need to be boring at all.

And disadvantages?

Such photographs have no sentimental value and rather do not evoke memories.The second possibility is to prepare your own photo for printing. A much more difficult option. The advantage is above all the sentimental value and the uniqueness of the resulting image. However, it is not easy to take and prepare a photograph that will look good in a large format, printed on canvas.

Wall decoration in the office

Ordering a wall mural

Not every graphic studio will do such a service well, although almost every studio offers it today. First of all, you need to focus on quality. The studio must offer high quality painting canvas and use technically advanced equipment. Otherwise, the effect may be far from what is expected. It is also worth choosing a studio whose employees can advise on the preparation of photographs, if it is to be their own image. Qualified employees will tell you whether the selected photograph has the appropriate resolution and layout.


In the form of an image, you can print photos in both colour and black and white. Which option is more advantageous? In fact, there is no unambiguous answer here. Everything depends on a specific photo and concept, and even the whole arrangement of the room. If the interior is characterized by austerity, this atmosphere can be broken with colour photography. If it is full of colours, it can be toned down by a black and white wall photo.

Changing photographic colours

The colour of the printed image is quite an important issue. It is always possible to take black and white photographs. Sometimes, however, a simple change in the graphics program causes the colors of the photo to lose their depth and stop looking good. It is worth commissioning specialists in the studio, as well as "coloring" photographs in sepia or black and white. However, it is best to print out the photo in its original colours, just as the camera captured it. Colouring black and white photos is usually more expensive than changing colours to black and white.

And which version is better to choose?

Everything depends on the colour concept of the room. If it is raw and modern, black-and-white photography is suitable for it. Colourful will surely enliven them and attract the eye. The bright interiors, on the other hand, are well toned down by black-and-white paintings.



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