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31 marca 2021

Internet and telephone addiction

Electronic devices accompany us at every step. We use them when travelling, on holiday or in our free time. Especially with lockdown, the computer and the telephone have become essential working tools. Many people now work remotely from home, where they carry out their current duties. Stationary work or study at home foster a lack of time, and epidemiological restrictions further limit movement. For this reason, there is a growing number of people who feel dependent on the internet or telephone. Internet and phone addiction affect people of all ages. However, it is difficult to recognise them, because the use of smartphones or the web is so common that practically everyone does it. The problem starts when we can't live without the constant use of our devices, and when we are deprived of them we go into a rage or hysteria. Lack of access to electronics, which causes very extreme emotions, may require treatment in a special addiction treatment centre.

Phonohonism: what is it? First symptoms of phone addiction

Phonohonism can slowly be recognised as a disease of civilisation. Smartphones are great devices that allow you to stay in touch with the world and your loved ones, but there is an increase in phone addiction, which can be seen as a consequence of the development of technology and communication. However, it is difficult to see the line between proper phone use and addiction. Often the first signs are underestimated and it is only when the addiction starts to hinder everyday life that the problem is noticed. Phonophobia is also associated with FOMO. Fear of Missing out - fear of limiting access to information, of being cut off from messages. 

Ośrodek leczenia uzależnień

This addiction can manifest itself both in children, for example by constantly following social media in order to stay on top, and in adults who constantly check stock market results or the number of people infected with the coronavirus. 

Symptoms of phone addiction:

a constant compulsion to use the phone,

- spending a lot of time in front of the smartphone screen,

- feeling nervous when the phone is not around and you can't reach for it freely,

- neglecting daily chores in favour of using the phone,

- fear of discharging or damaging the device,

- reduced academic performance in children,

- professional and personal problems in adults.

Internet addiction, online gaming. When does the warning light go on?
The internet has opened up incredible opportunities for us. We have access to a lot of information, we can communicate with people from all over the world, we can work or study effectively and enjoy entertainment. However, when the virtual world starts to fascinate us more than reality, the first problems may appear. A lack of interest in everyday matters should be a signal (in an advanced stage of addiction, a player or an Internet user may not even feel hungry and give up eating to spend time online). Signals are of course prolonged time spent in front of the computer screen, neglecting one's affairs and duties. 

Other symptoms that should attract attention are:

- difficulty concentrating,

- abandoning hobbies and interests in favour of the internet,

- neglecting school duties, breaking up friendships and neglecting family relationships,

- a lack of awareness of the time spent in virtual reality,

- staying up late at night to play games or surf the net,

- increasing number of fights related to the use of the Internet,

- spending money to buy game upgrades,

- aggression and resentment when access to the Internet is limited,

- reluctance to leave their room or home to be away from their computer for long periods of time.

It is worth taking action if you notice the symptoms described above in yourself or a loved one. Internet and games addiction can be overcome, but comprehensive help is needed to help rebuild the desire to participate in the real world and return to it.



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