30 lipca 2018


A common phenomenon in aquarium fish are eye infections of various origins. It is not even known where, when and under what circumstances an eye infection occurs in a fish, which at first glance seems to be more dangerous. Fortunately, many of them only look dangerous. Most infections and their painful, unpleasant consequences can be tackled quickly - all you need to do is to know the causes and how to deal with them.


Among the diseases that are most often the cause of eye exophthalmos, sepsis and tuberculosis should be included.

Sepsis may be due to poor aquarium conditions. In addition, it is also often the result of a skin infection, for example related to fin necrosis. As a result, bacteria penetrate the blood vessels and the heart muscle itself - thus causing a number of inflammatory states and destruction of tissues. Damage to these areas results in a leakage of body fluids into the abdominal cavity, which in turn results in swelling. In most cases, inflammatory states of blood vessels are located on the skin and at the base of the fins - this is where the greatest lesions can be observed.


  • The base of the fin is red
  • Loss of appetite
  • Minor bleeding and wounds around the eyes
  • Behavioural change - fish are calm, apathetic


In the case of this disease, the help of a vet is necessary - he should choose appropriate antibiotics that will eliminate the infection.

how to treat eye exophthalmos in fish

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by strains of bacteria. It is becoming more and more popular among fish - infected individuals should be separated as soon as possible in order to avoid secondary infections. Fish suffering from tuberculosis, despite the fact that they have normal apathy (as opposed to septicaemia) lose their weight - all as a result of the enormous damage caused by the disease in the external organs of fish. Some individuals develop nodules beneath the skin, which over time turn into ulcers, which can also be placed behind the eyes, causing eye exophthalmos. When a disease is detected in aquarium fish, all precautions should be taken and appropriate treatment should be taken. The final diagnosis is only possible for sections.

People can become infected with fish tuberculosis, which usually causes nodules on the skin. In most cases, however, it is not a serious infection.


  • More pale colours
  • Decrease in weight
  • Flipper folding
  • The appearance of open ulcers on the skin

Veterinary assistance is necessary to combat symptoms. Fish that have been infected should be removed from the aquarium. They should not be allowed to die in the aquarium because they can be eaten by other inhabitants and thus infect other fish. All specimens that have been in contact with diseased fish should be transferred to another aquarium - the present ones should be thoroughly washed and disinfected. All those fish which show symptoms of disease should definitely not be combined with new units - if all fish have been infected, unfortunately, the aquarium should be re-established.



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