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28 lutego 2019

How to arrange a small living room?

Decorating a perfect home is a difficult task. Small rooms with strange dimensions make us compromise and give up our dreams. However, a small room can also be stylish and aesthetic, but how to arrange it?

It's easier than it looks like. While choosing colours like black, dark navy blue/green is a mistake, nothing stands in the way of using darker colours and clear elements. Smaller areas should be completely covered with cool pastels, which will make the room look bigger. Grey, dirty pink or cold, bright blue will be the perfect base for further steps.

What style to choose?

Less is more! Larger parts will only get dusty and take up too much space. Scandinavian/minimalistic style should reign in small rooms. Everything will not only look good, but will also be functional and practical. In such a room you will feel light, thanks to the surrounding aesthetics and transparency.


The living room is a place of rest, and it is best to do it on the sofa. In the case of small rooms, the sofa with armchairs and pouffees do not have to form a whole. Thanks to this, the room will not seem to be serious and will not require us to behave properly while staying in it. Furniture stylized for the 60s of the last century will prove its worth in small rooms. If you want to give lightness, put on pastels, delicate wooden legs and a fine shape.

Shetland - sofa

The living room is also sometimes a bedroom, dining room, living room or office. It is good that the furniture should be modular - depending on the current role of the room. Thanks to this, different metamorphoses will be possible without additional problems. Usually the sofa / sofa is placed by the wall to have as much space as possible for other things. However, if possible, let's put it in the middle of the room or in parallel to each other.

Living room armchair

An alternative to the sofa

If there is no room for a sofa in the apartment, the solution is an armchair, which is necessarily comfortable. It is small and thanks to that you can play with arrangements. Because they are modular in nature, they are easy to move and change the appearance of the living room when needed. Additionally, if sofas and sofas should be placed perpendicularly or parallel to the walls, the seats should be placed at an angle. This is certainly a very good way to cleverly arrange a living room!

Furniture we say no

A small room and a wall unit is a bad combination. Light, bright furniture with delicate legs will work better. Hanging shelves or shelves in various geometric shapes will also work well. Fronts should be bright and reflect light to give the impression of more space. Many shelves and drawers ensure order.

Shelving X

The coffee table in the living room is often moved from place to place. It should therefore be not only nice, but also functional - preferably on wheels, or in the 3-in-1 version - setting different heights of legs.

Tricks with lighting

When well positioned, it can give the impression of a larger room. Numerous lamps on the table, walls or the floor, which are necessary in a simple design, will help.



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