30 sierpnia 2017

What do you know about cats?

Cats and especially their beahaviour seem to fascinate a lot of people, who simply love those incredible creatures. That is why we have prepared a bunch of some interesting facts concerning them.

General information:

- they have been domesticated approximately 4 thousand years ago, mostly because of their hunting skills
- the collective nouns connected with these animals are “a clowder of cats” and “a kindle of kittens”
- little cats (domestic ones) differ from large cats (e.g. lions and tigers), as they are active at night and are able to purr
- they are the most popular domestic animal both in the United States and the United Kingdom

Cats’ body and behavior

- they have 30 sharp teeth
- cats see up to six times better in low light than humans
- thanks to 32 muscles in their ears they may locate their prey with great precision. What is more, they hear frequencies below and above those that we are able to hear, and ears let them maintain balance and right position, even when they are falling

Myths and facts about cats

- the taste of food is not as important to cats as its texture and smell
- thanks to the ability to retract their front claws, they are sharp and are usually used for climbing or to fight
- rubbing against people and objects, and scratching them are cats ways of communicating, as that way, they may transfer their scent
- most cats are genetically programmed to respond to catnip
- cats’ whiskers are connected with the nerve cells, and thanks to them they may determine the size of an opening. Whiskers also allow cats to gather information concerning every object they touch
- cats can run 30 km per hour

Cats relationship with humans

- contact with cats can improve our health and reduce the risk of cardio-vascular disease, depression and of course loneliness
- you may easily train your cat, for example to give you a high five with its paw
- to make sure that our cat will be social towards people, he should be among them from the beginning of his life. It is very tough to socialise cats which are 16 weeks or older
- people who owns a cat seem to be more introverted and practical than people owning a dog. They are also more eager to share some stories about cats with others
- Jack Wright from Canada is a man who holds a record of the biggest number of cats. He had 689 cats



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