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15 listopada 2018

How to arrange a narrow hallway?

The hallway is the first interior visible after entering the apartment, so it is worth decorating it so that the first impression after opening the door is as beneficial as possible. An entrance hall arranged with a classroom does not require a large amount of money to be spent. Although this is a narrow and tight area, there are ways to arrange it effectively. The most important thing is a minimalist approach as far as possible, because even an orderly room of small size can quickly appear to be merciless visually - just a few trinkets that do not match the rest.

Colours in the foreground

narrow hallwayThe most important thing in the beginning is to choose the colours that will dominate the hallway. Narrow and small spaces require a focus on proven solutions that rely on optical colour enhancement. You should therefore choose light colours, for example white, cream, light grey. In combination with good lighting, these bright colours will give an optical illusion that the corridor is larger.

Furniture - simple and functional

A small and narrow hall requires good development. A small space will impose, above all, comfortable and functional furniture that will accommodate clothes, shoes and other objects. The clothes hanger should preferably be of the kind hanging on the wall and not standing alone, so you can gain some free space and avoid the impression of disorder. On the other hand, the wardrobe will fit perfectly if it is placed on a longer wall. The best solution is to choose a wardrobe, which will be very high, which will give you plenty of space for storing clothes and equipment. The last piece of furniture will be a shoe cabinet. The best thing to do is to stop furnishing the corridor, because here the rule that the less the better works.

Optical effects work wonders

All the tricks that will give the effect of optical magnification are a fixed point in the arrangement of such rooms as a small hallway. A functional, simple and at the same time effective way is to hang a large mirror in the corridor. This is an essential element in the hallway, which will additionally brighten up the whole space. Lighting plays a similarly important role. Bright light helps to optically enlarge the room, so you should take care of at least two independent light sources in the hallway. One should be located in the central part of the room, while the others may be located, for example, above the mirror. An interesting and modern effect will be given by LED strips along the floor strips or on the wardrobe.

As you can see, the advice presented is very simple to implement, and even a small hallway can gain visually by using tricks that do not require tricks.



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