20 czerwca 2017

Automation Tools in Translation for Businesses

Today, there are number of various auto-translation tools, that we may use on everyday basis. There is Microsoft’s real-time voice translation service for Skype, Google’s World Lens app and translation service for soccer’s fans created by Twitter. And as long as they may be useful for people looking for the exact meaning of every single word, there is no way that such tools could be used to translate some documentation for businesses.

Automatic Translation

Many people believe that creating a tool that will properly translate, for example business documents or other more complicated content, is just a matter of the nearest future. However, we need to understand that every language consists of thousands of words, and each of them has many different layers of meaning. So to translate a document or even more complicated sentence correctly, the machine or robot, would have to be artificially intelligent.
That is why, it is extremely important for businesses to remember that automation solutions concerning translation, even though quite impressive, cannot be used to deal with some complex problems.

Machine translation software tools

Automated translations – not for every occasion

Auto-translation tools are great innovations for people who travel to different countries and want to understand the menu in a restaurant or signs on the roads. However, they are not useful in case you need to assemble manufacturing equipment or deal with some kind of software. Even at the presentation of Skype’s real-time translation service, it was made apparent that the tool is not perfect. Confusions during the conversations are acceptable when you talk to a friend, but they can be really frustrating when you want to conduct a serious business meeting.

Cultural differences

To understand why automation tools in translation won’t work, we should realize that they do not take into account the cultural differences concerning specific markets. The very important thing is to match the tone of marketing to the audience that will receive our message. The tone in some markets can be casual or very formal, and we need to fit into it perfectly. As you may see than, automation technologies, may be a good way to deal with some very simple and casual translations. However, if you have to deal with some serious business matters, you definitely shouldn’t depend on such tools.



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