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29 listopada 2018

Small Balcony - how to decorate nicely and practically

Breakfast or dinner outdoors is a dream for many of us in summer. If we don't have a garden, we have a balcony - but how to arrange it well so that it is both nice and functional?

A small balcony can also enjoy

Small balcony - like a small apartment, needs very functional solutions. It is possible to adapt e.g. folding tables, which in this case can be mounted on a balustrade. At the end of the meal, the table is easy to fold and we have a free space again, e.g. for a lounger (or a dryer with washing). Traditional pots don't work here - we have to choose between boxes mounted outside the balcony or flowers in hanging pots. The view and smell of flowers will please us, but at the same time not limit the already small area.

The small balcony should be furnished in light colours. For lovers of elegant classics we always recommend fashionable black and white. Greenery on every balcony is welcome, but we should not overdo it - too many plants will prevent us from enjoying the sun.

The small balcony in the block of flats will look good in Provencal, Scandinavian and all kinds of eco-style. Natural or whitened wood, refers to nature and is conducive to rest. .

Balcony arrangement

Installation of a narrow balcony

A narrow balcony is another type of challenge - the imbalances have to be levelled out. The easiest way is to divide a long area into two parts. On one side we put a table and chairs, and on the other side there are flowers, a bookcase or other equipment that covers the natural lack of proportions. Pots or boxes on the balustrade must be hung on the outside. You can also widen the balcony visually - just lay the panels or terracotta across the balcony instead of along the length. We can also shape the space with the use of a colourful mosaic on the floor or walls - you only need to be careful about dark colours, which can still emphasize the existing disproportions.

Installation of the balcony

More and more people decide to build a balcony - glass is very practical, protects against pollution, rain or frost. The building also protects against excessive heating, and looking at our balcony by unauthorized persons. Allows you to separate a very private space in the middle of the city. On a built-in balcony you can also store various things, e.g. bicycles, without worrying about their destruction.

Currently we have a huge choice in terms of balconies and loggias. Older systems are based on aluminium frames with inserted panes - unfortunately, this disturbs the appearance of the building and limits the view from the side of the apartment. Frameless construction of the balcony is much more advantageous - it is practically unnoticeable both by residents and passers-by looking from the street.



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