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21 kwietnia 2018

White cuisine - what to choose for it?

White interiors are very fashionable nowadays - mainly due to the Scandinavian style, which is still preferred by many people. It is mainly chosen for living rooms or bedrooms, although some people furnish their entire apartment in this style.

Of course, in this case the choice is also for the kitchen, which in white acquires an even more modern look. As kitchens are unfortunately mostly small, white makes them look larger. However, it is not possible to achieve a completely white interior - it would not be too pleasant for the eye, because it is monotonous and cool. For a white kitchen you should choose appropriate floors, worktops - everything should be combined in such a way that it looks nice together. We advise how to plan it!

White cuisine - why is it worth it?

Apart from the unquestionable optical enlargement of the space, the white kitchen also has many other advantages - it gives the impression of lightness and spaciousness. It is not possible to achieve a similar effect using other colours - unless they are very pastel and whitened, but the final impressions will not be identical anyway. That's why many people invest in white kitchens - all the more so because the numerous accessories in the form of appliances or kitchen accessories add colour to the kitchen anyway. If we had opted for a more colourful interior with such accessories, the final effect would probably not have been satisfactory. Everything would look random, chaotic - so in places such as the kitchen, where we always have a lot of equipment on top, all the elements must be well thought out and matched to each other.

Kitchen décor

What do you compare white with?

The white colour of the kitchen must be combined with another colour so that it is not too dark and gloomy in the kitchen. The most fashionable now is the combination of white with gray and some pastel colour. White combined with beige or even black looks great. The latter combination is very expressive, but black must be just an addition - and not a majority. White fronts can also be combined with brown elements - it can be wood in different shades, or simply a colour. The most interesting will be chocolate brown - the whole space will look appetizing. A modern kitchen can also remain entirely in white as long as it is combined with colourful patterns. For example, there are Portuguese tiles (azulejo) that can be placed both on the wall and on the floor. They are very resistant and create an interesting, homely, cosy atmosphere.

Choose glossy or matt fronts?

White cuisine can be shinier or more matte - when deciding on it, we have to decide at the same time which version to choose. Matt finishes are suitable for any colour - so they will also work in this case. However, if the kitchen is small and we want to brighten it using white, shiny elements will work better. It is a universal solution, suitable for any surface.



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