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22 października 2017

Meals we should eat before and after various kinds of workout

Any kind of exercise is good for our body, however we should be aware of the fact that it has to be balanced by healthy meals. What is more, different kinds of fitness also require different kinds of meals that we eat before and after the exercise. That is why, we need to think about it in advance.

1. Running

Before workout of that kind, your body needs extra fuel in the form of carbs. That is why, an avocado toast will be a great idea, especially if you decide to combine it with black coffee that will stimulate the adrenaline.

After jogging it is essential to restore all nutrients that have been lost during exercising. That is why, a meal consisting of salmon, vegetables and complex carbohydrates is a great idea.

2. Interval training of high intensity

Your body needs a lot of energy to deal with such intensive training. In this case, nuts and seeds of any kind are the best choice. You may also choose to eat half a cup of oatmeal or a fruit and nut bar as an alternative.

After workout, you have to fuel your body with proteins and glycogen, which can be found in quinoa. You can also add some vegetables and eggs to such meal.

3. Yoga

Extensive stretching and sometimes complicated positions in yoga, won’t be fun with your stomach full. That is why, before your yoga training you shouldn’t eat anything. The best choice is to drink some water or in case of hot yoga – coconut water, as it contains electrolytes.

Green smoothie

A green smoothie made of celery, pear, apple and banana is the best choice after yoga. However, you may also choose to eat some vegetables with hummus or mashed avocado.

4. Strength training

You need a lot of energy to handle the strength training, even though the moves in it are rather slow and steady. You may grab some banana and a tablespoon of almond butter as this combination will give you the energy. It is also a good idea to supplement such meal with L-Carnitine.

After the training you should hydrate with coconut water. Then prepare a smoothie full of proteins. You can blend together almond milk, brown rice protein powder, chia seeds, acai, cinnamon and vanilla extract. Such combination will definitely supply your body with all the ingredients that are vital for your muscles to repair and get stronger.



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