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23 kwietnia 2021

Best Beauty Salon Colindale and Mill Hill

When we talk about professionalism and quality we think of Pink Hair Salon, a beauty salon located in both Colindale and Mill Hill, with a wide range of beauty services, with state-of-the-art devices and products and professional technicians at the base.

Their clients can expect to come to this Mill Hill beauty salon and receive exceptional services from start to finish. This team makes every customer feel welcome and will go home feeling like millions.

Hair Styling

The hair styling service in this salon is much more than other beauty salons, the quality of the products, the professional craftsmen as well as the atmosphere inside the salon, will offer you the much dreamed results. Pink Hair Salon is a beauty salon in Colindale that offers you quality services that you can enjoy at any time. After all, we all want to have a well-groomed physical appearance and beautiful hair.

Technical nails

False nails help to achieve a perfect look. Women who want to adopt a modern style and who want to look impeccable in any conditions will always need false nails. Nails are the ones that can improve your appearance and that will give you the much desired comfort. After all, it is important to have a beautiful and well-groomed manicure, because it says a lot about a person. Thus, they offer a wide range of manicure, pedicure, nail extension, shellac services.


Facial treatments, facial hair removal with wax is part of our lives. Any woman who takes care of herself will use a hair removal service or professional facial treatment every month. The skin renews its cells once every 30 days and if you do not have a deep cleansing, the old layer will deposit over the new one. For this reason you need a professional cleaning. Pink Beauty Salon is a beauty salon in Colindale or Mill Hill that offers you impeccable cosmetic services, from Eyelash Extensions, Eyebrows Shape, Hot / Strip Waxing, Facials Treatments, all at a higher level and with incredible results.

Hair Removal & Body Treatments

If you miss a body treatment, a relaxing massage or be therapeutic, here is the perfect place where you can have professional, complex and relaxing services.

Do you also want to give up hair in unwanted areas? It always gives you headaches, and because summer is near, professionals from Pink Hair Salon have created various offers and packages for loyal customers, for permanent laser hair removal, they use a state-of-the-art Diode laser, with effects immediate and long lasting.

Makeup, Eyelash Extensions and Microblanding

These are the trends of today, which help you always look out of the box, a perfect makeup, some incredible eyelash extensions, a natural and beautiful microblanding, will make you have more confidence in yourself and feel much more attractive ..

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