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26 stycznia 2023

What are the origins of a stag party tradition

The origins of the stag party tradition can be traced back to ancient Rome, where a groom would celebrate his last night of freedom with his male friends before getting married. This party, known as a "bachelor's dinner," involved drinking and merrymaking, and was seen as a way for the groom to let loose and enjoy himself before embarking on the more serious and committed role of marriage.

Over time, the stag party tradition evolved and became more closely associated with the idea of male bonding and camaraderie. In medieval Europe, a stag do was seen as an opportunity for a group of men to spend time together, engage in activities such as hunting or drinking, and celebrate the impending nuptials of one of their own. This tradition was particularly prevalent among the upper classes, who would often host elaborate and lavish stag parties that involved expensive food and drink, entertainment, and other forms of indulgence.

One historical example of a royal stag party is the celebration held for King Henry V of England in 1413. The party was organized by the King's closest friends and advisors, and was held in the days leading up to his marriage to Catherine of Valois. The party was held at the royal palace of Westminster, and was attended by a large number of noblemen and courtiers from across England. The celebration was said to have been a grand and lavish affair, with feasting, drinking, and dancing lasting well into the night. As the party progressed, the King and his friends enjoyed a variety of entertainment, including jousting tournaments, hunting expeditions, and falconry displays. There were also performances by minstrels, acrobats, and other performers, as well as games and contests of skill and strength. The highlight of the party was a grand banquet, held in the palace's great hall. The King and his guests were served a lavish feast of roasted meats, fish, and game, along with fine wines and ales. After the banquet, there was more dancing and revelry, with the King and his friends drinking and carousing late into the night.

The stag party tradition continued to evolve over the centuries, and by the 19th century it had become a more standardized and structured affair. In the United States, for example, it was common for a groom and his friends to go on a "bachelor's trip" together, where they would engage in activities such as fishing, hunting, or other outdoor pursuits. This was seen as a way for the groom to enjoy some final moments of freedom before getting married, and was often organized by the best man or other members of the wedding party.

In the 20th century, the stag party tradition underwent further changes and began to take on a more raucous and rowdy character. With the rise of a more permissive and liberal social climate, stag parties became an opportunity for men to engage in activities that were considered taboo or unacceptable in other contexts, such as heavy drinking, gambling, and even hiring strippers or other forms of entertainment. This change in the nature of the stag party was reflected in popular culture, with movies and television shows depicting over-the-top bachelor parties as a rite of passage for men.

Today, the stag do tradition continues to evolve, with many men choosing to celebrate their last night of freedom in a variety of different ways. Some opt for more traditional activities such as golfing or fishing, while others go for more extreme experiences such as skydiving or bungee jumping or even a rapid dog chase !

Krakow stag do rapid dog chase- courtesy of PartyKrakow

Still others choose to have a more low-key and relaxed stag do, spending time with friends and family and enjoying a few drinks together. No matter how it is celebrated, the stag party remains an important part of the wedding tradition, and is seen as a way for a man to mark the transition from singlehood to married life.



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