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15 kwietnia 2019

The significance of dreams in everyday life

Since the beginning of time, people have been reflecting on the meaning and symbolism of dreams. But is it really possible to clearly define what a dream represents and what does it mean? The importance of dreams is and was a great mystery, although the origin of dreams is each year more and more obvious thanks to scientific research, but the very meaning of dreams is a huge mystery. In order to explain dreams, various types of senators are created, both in the version of traditional books and in an interactive version, i.e. internet senator. In both cases, the senator has the same characteristics.

Dollars - A dream about dollars is a very good dream that heralds prosperity and financial success. In general, every dream about money is about prosperity. Dollars can symbolise an improvement in the financial situation, business success or even a gift, inheritance or win. You'll inherit something.

Cash - You are surrounded by hostile people or safety and benefits at work and in business

To open up and see money in it - success or wealth
Open an empty one - shortage
Recalculate the content - you will soon fall into debt
Shopping - a good turn of events.
The treasure is an unexpected joy. It means discovering unused opportunities.

dream: sea

Looking for - unfulfilled ideas
Find - someone you trust will turn out to be unfaithful
You can't take with you - love failure or financial loss
You'll be able to handle it - good luck with your intentions
The vault - you eat a lot of fear.
Open vault - do not reveal your secrets, they may be misused.
Finding a treasure - heralds material success, successful investment and financial profit. Also your spiritual needs will now be satisfied.
Lose the treasure - a big loss.
Hide it from others - a warning against gossip and too much risk.
Bury him - be careful, you will soon be a victim of fraud.
Gather it - your future is uncertain, you should protect yourself financially.
Money - Perdition. You're worried about your livelihood. The dream of money reflects the dreamer's approach to finance. Money in a dream is both a symbol of prosperity and success, as well as a sense of security, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the human being. If you are dreaming of money and you are not sure of your financial situation, these dreams are a manifestation of fears resulting from not ensuring the most important need of every human being - the need for security.

Sleep money can also mean an upcoming lucky event that will give you plenty. Remember, however, that everyone is the blacksmith of their own fate, "happiness must be helped" watch carefully the life around you, so that the opportunity to increase your wealth will not miss you irrevocably.

Get - you have expenses or the birth of a child waiting for you
Pay - Success in the interest
Dealing-- loss of business.
Find the - unexpected good deal
False - you will lose your inheritance or right to inheritance
To find - great luck in the game
Count it - earn it.
Count a large sum of money - you are on your way to a large estate
Somebody's counting - you'll be satisfied
Lose - unsuccessful intentions
Borrow - trouble
Lend to others - expect trouble
Give it to the poor - you'll make faithful friends
Catch from the air - you will lose your popularity
Number or denomination - can be used as numeric symbols.
Get the money - a new message or an interesting proposal will come. Don't tell jealous people about her.
Lose money - you risk losing money or forget an important promise.
Making a lot of money - it's time for you to get to work.
Banknotes - Warning to handle money with care. Do not spend too much, because in the near future possible financial problems.

Give away a lot of banknotes - the announcement of moral losses. Somebody could hurt you in your love affairs.
Change banknotes into small ones - you lose interest in a person close to you.
Coins - Opposites. You're betting everything on one card. You're risking your life to get more than that. But don't leave everything to chance.

Złote - troubles and failures or misfortune in the family or family disputes and conflicts
Gold or silver - defeat or misfortune or wealth and pleasures or distant travels
For a girl, parting with her beloved
Casting alone - difficult living conditions
Copper - joy or great happiness
Have a copper - hard experience or hard physical work
Nickel-plated - unfavourable working conditions
Finding or digging - an unexpected chance to arrange your personal life or to win over adversities
Counting - willingness to dominate
Work in the mint - difficult living conditions
Deal - indecent behavior or shame and humiliation or indiscretion.
Tossing coins means you don't care about other people's problems. That's why some people call you selfish and self-centered.
Talar - you will reach meaning and dignity

count - big expenses
to find - joy.
Moneybox - You will experience a lot of joy.

Wallet - Wallet means you can take care of your own needs.

Your own wallet - you're on your own.
Stuffed wallet - don't miss out on promotions or pay rises.
An empty wallet - you spend too much.
Lose your wallet - a stressful situation awaits you in which you will not be able to defend yourself against a malicious person.
Bill of exchange

Paying a bill of exchange bodes well for the success of your own projects.
Display it as a warning against excessive expenses and excessive cravings.
Burn it - you will free yourself from unnecessary matters, you will bravely start a new life.
Watch it, you're gonna get into serious financial trouble.
Cheque - A cheque is a symbol of money and financial operations.

False checks - be careful and act with caution, your plans are not entirely certain.
Accept them - you will face a drop or an unexpected increase in your income.
Pay with cheques - possible conflicts in the family or problems at work.
Counterfeit money - Dreams of counterfeiting money, just like the gambling scenes that appear in a dream, usually affect people who like to behave in a risky way. Such people like the "thrill of emotion" of such behaviour and the appearance of scenes such as forgery or fraud in their sleep is related to their desire to do so.

The dream of counterfeiting money can also appear in the dreams of greedy people who want to get as much money as possible in the quickest possible time and at the lowest possible cost. Similar dreams also happen to people suffering from workaholism and are also a suppression of the desire to obtain as much material goods as possible in their lives.

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