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6 stycznia 2019

Coffee table - original ideas for its implementation

A coffee table is an inseparable part of every living room - you can't do without a special bench on which we'll place coffee or tea, cakes or cakes, or other desserts. In a word, a coffee table is always needed! At the moment, the shops are full of such products, so there is no doubt that every person will find something for themselves in one of the offers.

However, the price includes originality - so everyone wants to find something that will arouse the interest of visitors. However, if we are looking for something unusual, we can also decide on some truly unusual arrangement - something that will serve as a bench in the living room, or make such a bench yourself from something else. Does it seem difficult? Not at all! Here are some original ideas on how to make a great, fashionable and interesting coffee table by hand!

Case as bench

The box is packable, so it can hide many treasures. However, its surface can be used as a coffee table - as long as it is flat and nothing falls off. Such a solution will work best in historicising interiors, either industrial or rustic. At the moment, the most popular style of interior decoration is still Scandinavian style. The bench box is also suitable for such rooms.

Modern coffee table

Or maybe other wood?

Coffee tables can also be boldly made from other types of wood - or simply wood. For example, if you have a ready-made hen that you have dug in your garden, it is enough to cut it nicely to make it look great. For this purpose, debarked pieces of tree trunks are used - it is not a part with roots, but the one placed higher. Of course, such a table will not be big, but it will look great!

A similar, attractive thing can also be made of a wooden pallet - just put two pallets on top of each other, glue or nail them, grind and paint to get a great table! You can also use only varnish, so that you can see the natural wood, which will bring a perfect, cosy atmosphere into the living room and will work well in interiors decorated in Scandinavian or Provencal style, for example. Another wooden proposal that you can make yourself is a table from a fruit box. They are an element of interior recycling - just like pallets. And when we build a table out of them, we act in a similar way.

Tables - puzzles

A table may be even more unusual if we decide to make it in the form of a jigsaw puzzle - that is, to put together more than one table from a similar series. The second one can be placed underneath or placed next to each other. They should perfectly match each other, so it is best to buy the same model right away, only in different sizes, for example.



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