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8 stycznia 2019

Running watch

Modern technologies make the market more and more interesting devices. Without many of them we can no longer imagine life, but many of them can be classified as gadgets, and they are loved by almost everyone. This is how running watches are perceived as interesting gadgets, but those who have decided to buy models dedicated to runners think that they have gained a new quality of pleasure from practicing this sport.

A large number of models available on the market often, instead of helping, can cause problems with choosing the best model. It happens that some people consider the price they have to pay for such a watch. Some people first decide on cheaper models to determine whether such a gadget will be useful for them. So it's worth knowing what to pay attention to when choosing a running watch and how to compare them. The number of functions is varied, so I decided that the necessary ones include at least having a GPS.

For pleasure or hard training?

If someone is running for pleasure, recreationally, simple, basic watch models should suffice. However, those who have decided to practice running as a sport should choose a model that measures heart rate, because this measurement is very important.

How many kilometres will you cover?

This question is not meaningless, because the length of the route depends on the running time. Unfortunately, watches have batteries of different capacity, which means that their maximum operating time is different. More expensive models can operate even for several hours without any problems, and there are also such models on the market whose manufacturers declare that they can operate even for a few days. Here, however, the manufacturer's data should be treated as very optimistic, because if the weather conditions are less optimal, then the operating time of the equipment will be significantly shortened.


Mountains - hiking models

Some watch models have features such as altimeter and route planning. This is a perfect solution for those who love mountain hiking, because they can always check where they are or upload a pre-planned route to the watch, of course, if the model has such a function. It is a good idea to choose watches with a bar code altimeter that is more accurate than the altitude measurement measured by GPS. They give much better results, but in case of sudden changes in the weather and thus changes in atmospheric pressure, they may not work very well.

Triathlon - multifunctional model

If you want to compete in competitions such as triathlon, you should definitely choose a slightly different watch model. What should it have? You should choose a model that measures the distance while swimming, which also means that it is waterproof at once. If you choose a watch with built-in multisport mode, it will not be a problem to train with it for such competitions or just to participate. The battery life is also an important factor here, as models designed for people who train in these disciplines usually have very large and therefore longer lasting batteries.



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