17 września 2017

4 easy ways to take social media marketing to the next level

There is no doubt that nowadays social media is one of the most important channels that allowed brands to be in touch with their customers. However, what experts on social media marketing need to understand is the fact that this specific market changes rapidly, and they have to adjust the techniques they use to consumers’ expectations. But what can you do to move in the right direction? Here are some ideas.

1. Don’t just listen!

Listening to your customers is extremely important, but you cannot content with it. You need to interact with them every time they reach out to you in any way. It doesn’t matter if they have a question concerning your product or service, or they give you a positive opinion or even are not pleased with your work! In all of these cases, the brand needs to engage with consumers and let them know that their voice is heard.

2. Use appropriate tools

Keeping in touch with customers that engage with your brand on different platforms can be hard and time consuming. That is why, you should think about using social media management tools. They not only help you to take care of social media marketing and social responses, but they provide your team with a platform where they may determine what kind of content will be published and when, which queries should get to the certain customer service representative and what your clients are saying about the brand in the web.

Social media marketing

3. Reach your customers in the right way

Social media gives us a great number of ways to get to our customers. The most important thing however, is to be smart about the content we decide to publish. We need to know exactly who is our targeted audiences, what are their expectations concerning such content, and how to inform them when and where we will publish it. And with such information we will be able to prepare the right content that will reach to the great number of customers.

4. People, processes and technology

People seem to relay on technology too much nowadays, but if you want to succeed in social media, you cannot make that mistake. You need to remember that there are also people and processes behind all of this, so there has to be a proper balance between human and machine. Only the brands which understand how important it is not to underestimate every piece of that puzzle, which are people, processes and technology, can eventually meet the expectations of customers and really succeed.



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