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18 stycznia 2019

Negative effects of the protein diet

Protein diets are very popular because of the good effects they provide for those who choose them. The Dukan method is best known, but there are many diets of this type. In the beginning, this diet completely eliminates carbohydrates in favour of lean proteins and unsaturated fats. During this time the weight drops quickly, which unfortunately constitutes a risk for our body.

(1) Osteoporosis

Studies show that women who choose a protein diet have a rapid process of bone demineralization. In the rest of the population, the decline is also recorded, but in people who follow a protein diet it is much faster. This is due to the fact that large amounts of ingested dairy products have to be metabolised with large amounts of calcium, which is released from the bones. The increase in bone fragility mainly affects people over 60 years of age, but in such a scenario this problem can be expected much sooner.

2) Renal load

Metabolic products are to a large extent removed by the kidneys. The consumption of proteins means for the body a greater amount of nitrogen in the bloodstream, for which the kidneys are responsible. Nitrogen must be excreted in urine, and large amounts of nitrogen bring the kidneys to an unnatural state. If the high load situation persists for a long time, it will also accelerate the excretion of water through the renal tubules. This will result in high water losses, which will reduce kidney productivity and create a vicious circle. Feeding extra water will reduce the load on the kidneys.

(3) Cancer

As a result of a high-protein diet, the blood composition changes. As a result of this phenomenon, more IGF-1 growth factor, which is important in many cancer dietingprocesses, is released into the blood. A large supply of protein is also a large supply of silicon, which is a component of many cancer cells. The protein diet therefore creates conditions conducive to the development of cancer.

(4) Organ damage

Carbohydrates are the easiest to use energy source. The energy available from reserves of fat and proteins is produced much slower, so that the internal organs, especially the brain, can be starved in the protein diet. Moreover, the release of energy from fats and proteins is a toxic process for the body due to the presence of harmful factors in backup structures. Releasing them in large quantities in a short period of time is potentially dangerous.

(5) Unbalanced diet

Products with a high protein content are poor in some nutrients, which the body can start to lack over time.



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