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11 lipca 2019

The most important furniture in a hairdressing salon

Hairdressing furniture is essential in any hairdressing salon and without it, it would simply not be possible to do business in a meaningful way. The choice is huge and there are very many options, so you don't have to buy everything that the wholesalers offer us, and among the necessary things you have to choose the versions that will suit you best.

Styling chairs

The swivel hairdressing armchairs recognize the most important furniture in the living room. They provide comfort to the customer and the employee, because they enable them to reach the customer comfortably. A swivel chair should have support for the client's legs so that they do not hang up. It may not be a direct part of the chair, but it is a hindrance because the hairdresser's chair should be adjustable in height and this support should be adjusted together with the chair. The height adjustment is necessary because the hairdresser should have the head of the client at the right height, and this is only possible with the height adjustment of the seat. Read more here.

The element closely connected with the armchair is a desk at which the customer will sit. It must be, first and foremost, a place for hairdresser's utensils and must have a mirror that provides the customer with a clear view. Such a mirror also provides better illumination of the hairdresser's workspace. The larger the mirror, the better the customer will see himself and the more additional, positively scattered light will fall on the head of the sheared person.

How to choose hairdressing chairs?

Hairdresser's wash

A hairdresser's wash, sometimes called a washer, is also an essential element of the living room equipment. It is an armchair with a special handle on the back, on which there is a bowl and shower allowing you to wash your head. Of course, this can also be solved in another way, but using such a chair to wash the customer's head is much more convenient than keeping the head in the air. A hairdressing salon that wants to keep its customers with it should always take care of these things, because customer convenience is the most important factor in deciding whether it will continue to use the same salon in the future.

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