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30 maja 2019

Parasites – is there anything to be afraid of?

Despite the development of medicine, a significant improvement in the sanitary situation and hygiene, the problem of parasites still exists. Parasites are organisms which, in an antagonistic form of coexistence, use the hosts body. They benefit from food, as well as the environment in which they can survive and reproduce, while harming the host. Their harmful effects consist in damage to tissues or organs and permanent (sometimes reversible) changes to the liver, kidneys, lungs or brain. It also happens to be an indirect cause of life-threatening conditions , especially in the case of allergies. They provoke an inflammatory reaction and a strong allergic reaction.

The most common and most famous parasites include: human owls Enterobius vermicularis (Pinworm infection) , human clay (Ascaris lumbricoides - roundworm), human bricephaly (Trichuris trichiura - Whipworm) or in the form of larval bubble ribbons and tapeworms (Echinococcus granulosus and E. Multilocularis). These are so-called endoparasites, being those that do survive well inside the body, in our tissues and even cells. According to World Health Organisation data, 4.5 billion people have acquired parasites in the last 10 years and 14 million die per year due to the effects of their presence in the body.

How do they get into our body? It all depends on what parasites we are dealing with. Whether external or internal. In the latter case, infection is most often achieved by consuming unripe fruits and vegetables, raw meat, contaminated water and from animals (including pets). Above all due to bad hygiene.

The problem is serious due to the fact that the intensification of parasites infection increases, perhaps most importantly, due to their increasing resistance to drugs used. To our aid come the methods proven by our grannies - methods of herbal treatments. Their role in the modern world has decreased significantly, due to the availability of synthetic drugs.. It's a big mistake! The use of herbs in the fight against various ailments is mostly devoid of the risk of side effects that are usually faced in some cases when using synthetic drugs. They are, in short, healthier for our body and at the same time equally effective.

Swisspharma Herbal has developed a cleansing and detoxification programme based on clean extracts from popular herbs. You will find green walnut extract, the active medicinal ingredient of which is juglone, having antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. It is one of the strongest antiseptic compounds in nature, therefore used in the fight against parasites of the digestive system, such as the gastrointestinal system. owings or corrugated. Rosemary, lavender, thyme extract, medical lemon balm (Melissa), peppermint, nettle and black berry flower or Antiquus, a mixture with a gastrointestinal, antioxidant and purifying effect. Included in the set you will find wormwood extract, which has a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and bile removal  effect. Clove extract with a strong antiviral, antibacterial and antioxidant effect, as well as a bactericidal, antiparasitic and purifying extract from toxins.

The strength of the Swisspharma Herbal cleansing and detoxification programme comes from the synergies of all the components of the kit. Parasites can live at our expense for years. Symptoms of the disease may be non-specific from chronic headache, runny nose, hay and eye problems to serious gastrointestinal problems and bowel dysfunction. Harmful effects of parasites may arise when the body weakens or immunity decreases. Since there may be up to 300 species of parasitic pathogens in our body, cyclical treatments that release us from unpleasant effects should be a preventive and even natural effect!

The full cleansing and detoxification programme includes 3 treatments with 1 treatment lasts 17 days. In order to achieve the full effect, the treatment should be repeated in 3 cycles lasting after 17 days, at intervals after 2.5 months. We recommend that as part of prevention every 6 months, repeat 1 17-day cycle to maintain the effect and maintain proper gut operation.




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