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3 lipca 2018

Carpet - what kind of carpet to choose?

Many people, when considering the choice of the right carpet, first of all consider its appearance. However, this is a mistake, because in addition to aesthetic qualities, we must also pay attention to its quality.

Carpet carpets consist of three layers: primer, pile and warp. All of them, including the abrasion class, have an influence on whether a given product is durable and resistant to damage.


Thanks to the underlay, the floor is properly insulated and soundproofed. It can be made of different materials. Felt is a good solution in any room, all the more so that it does not fray. For floors made of concrete or stone, it is worth to reach for a sponge underlay, although in the case of concrete, rubber rubber will also work well. Jute undercoat is a great way out to houses with underfloor heating.

Natural fleece

Well known to us wool is soft, retains heat, does not electrify and calms the room well. However, it is not good for allergy sufferers who can be sensitised. Similar to it is cotton, which does not wear out and does not mechaci, and its cleaning is very easy.

Carpet structure

Seagrass is a good solution in areas where many people walk because it is resistant to damage and also anti-static. However, due to its rigidity, it should not be used in rooms where we walk barefoot.

Coconut fiber looks very elegant and blends in fantastically with rustic and rural style interiors. Unfortunately, it is also stiff and prickly.

We must also remember that natural fleece can only be cleaned dry.

Artificial arms

Popular nylon is very resistant to damage, abrasion and deformation. In addition, it is a non-flammable material that does not absorb moisture. Carpets with this rune are available in a variety of colours. The disadvantage of this material is that it electrically and easily gets dirty.

Polypropylene, on the other hand, is very easy to care for, so it can be cleaned wet and chemicals can be used to clean carpets. However, the colour palette of this type of carpets is quite narrow and they are prone to dents.

The classification of carpets intended for home use is as follows:

Class 21 - the least resistant carpets, designed for interiors with low traffic.

Class 22 - suitable for less frequented rooms (e.g. bedroom)

Class 22+ - good for all interiors, except corridors and lounges

Class 23 - best for interiors most exposed to traffic

The weight also indicates the resistance of the carpet, the bigger the carpet, the more durable it is. And its distribution is as follows:

380-450 gsm - for low traffic interiors (bedroom)

450-700 gsm - for medium and high traffic interiors (living room, children's room)

700-1000 g/m² - for interiors with very high traffic volume (corridor, living room)

1000 or more - for public spaces.



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