22 grudnia 2018

Open-air weekend - how to pack up for a short city tour?

Adventure, adventure, every moment it's a pity.... - especially for tedious and complicated packaging. Therefore, while preparing a short weekend trip out of the city, it is worth to use the help of practical and proven accessories, which will facilitate a comfortable rest and taste of the charms of life.

When packing bags for a one- or two-day trip, we usually strive to ensure that their size and weight are small and do not make transport too difficult throughout the journey. It is therefore a good idea to concentrate your luggage in as few suitcases or backpacks as possible, made of light and durable materials.

The list of necessary things that we take on a short trip should not be too long. However, regardless of the purpose and nature of the journey, you will usually find on it a wallet, documents, medicines and cosmetics you are taking. The latter should be placed in string bags, thanks to which the items can easily fit into the free space in the bag or backpack, while remaining in one package. In addition, an airtight seal will prevent liquids from escaping from the bag in the event of possible opening or damage to the containers in the bag.

City excursion

In the summer season we especially like to spend our free time outdoors, also during meals. A picnic surrounded by beautiful natural circumstances is often a must for a weekend trip. The traditional wicker basket then turns into a true horn of abundance, full of favourite fricases. In order to transport them safely and comfortably, it is advisable to get practical packaging, such as lightweight, folding silicone containers.

In the picnic basket, in addition to delicacies, there should also be light plates, mugs and cutlery, as well as tablecloth and napkins. It is also worth remembering about antibacterial cloths soaked in water, which can be used e.g. for quick, effective grilling. Without taking up a lot of space, they often turn out to be very useful throughout the journey, especially when we do not have access to clean, running water.



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