12 lipca 2019

Amazing Krakow

On the tourist map of Europe, we can find many cities that are obligatory to visit for every avid traveller. Poland is becoming more and more attractive in this regard. Statistics show that more and more tourists come here every year. They want to learn about the local culture, see the sights and taste the regional cuisine - but that's not all. Poland has a lot to offer for visitors. It's not only beautiful circumstances of nature attracts people here, but above all, rich and interesting tourist offer.

The most frequently visited cities are mainly maritime towns, mountain resorts and cities such as Warsaw, Wrocław and of course Krakow, which seems to be a tourist pearl in the crown of this country. Why do tourists from all over Europe and other parts of the world want to visit Krakow? This is a unique city that attracts with its unique atmosphere, tangible spirit of history and, above all, a multitude of entertainment.

Multitude of entertainment

Today, everyone, regardless of age and preferences, can find something new and unusual here: a sense of freedom, joy and uniqueness. Krakow is a free and tolerant city, open to diversity, but at the same time naturally emphasizing its tradition, history and regionalism. What awaits you in Krakow? Answer the question: do you bet on spontaneity? Whether you prefer to explore according to plan? Whatever you choose, you must know that you'll definitely want to come back here! It is impossible to take advantage of all the attractions offered here within a few days. Let's get to the details. There are many things to do in Krakow, but start by visiting the most important points: Wawel Castle, Main Square, the Jewish district: Kazimierz, the Vistula river. Those  are the most important of them - an amazing adventure awaits you on the way!  

Things to do in Krakow

If you're looking for something more than the monuments of history you are in the right place. Krakow is a paradise for lovers of strong impressions! In Krakow, organized trips to the most exciting activities await you: whitewater rafting, off road, shooting range, axe throwing, go-karting race, quad biking, airsoft guns and much more! Recreation enthusiasts can take advantage of the rich SPA area and visit the largest amusement park in Poland - Energyland. In the area there are such facilities as golf courses, horse stables, wellness centers and thermal pools. So you can choose from a wide range of possibilities, so that the time spent in Krakow will allow you to feel the real satisfaction of a well-spent holiday.  

A real treat is waiting for organized groups who love entertainment and jointness: booble futball and a visit to escape rooms will surely let you remember this time for a long time! Krakow is like a great festival of flavors: on every corner you'll find exquisite restaurants with world cuisines, regional dishes and a rich street food offer.

The location of the city is also convenient, as well as the excellent connection to other tourist destinations and the proximity of the airport means that we can quickly move to the Tatras mountains or the Baltic Sea. So book a ticket and come to Krakow!



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