13 kwietnia 2019

How to prepare for a mountain expedition?

The most popular type of trekking is mountain trekking. Such expeditions not only strengthen the muscles or improve the condition, but also have a positive impact on the psyche. The mountains help to relax, calm down, relax. However, they can also be dangerous. That's why it's worth travelling with a larger group and informing your loved ones where to go. It is also very important to have the right equipment, adapted to the conditions. Sleeping bag, tent and tourist backpack are the basic equipment of every climber. In addition, you should not wander without a first-aid kit. What is worth knowing about these products?

Mountain trekking is becoming more and more popular, but a large group of people unfortunately go to the mountains without proper preparation. Developing a hiking plan, analysis of weather conditions and selection of clothing are just some of the activities so important during your stay in the mountains. It is not difficult to have an accident there, especially in winter. However, if you approach hiking with reason and equip yourself with the right equipment and accessories, then climbing mountain peaks will be a real pleasure and a great adventure. What do you have to take with you in the mountains?

Mountain expedition - necessary equipment

Mountain hiking enthusiasts know how important safety is. Poorly selected equipment can contribute to many problems, e.g. inability to prepare overnight accommodation, damage food or treat wounds. So you should never go out into the mountains without the right equipment, which will not only make it easier to wander, but can also save lives. This is particularly important for longer trips of several days. Which products should you undoubtedly take with you in the mountains?

  1. Sleeping bag - in mountain trekking often sleeps in a tent. Therefore, a good sleeping bag is an essential equipment for every wanderer. The best sleeping bags for trekkers are "mummy" models, which offer little space, but are comfortable to carry and very warm. Sleeping bag can have natural insulation (it compresses well, is light) or synthetic (better protected from moisture, dries easily).
  2. Tent - In case of hiking, trekking dome tents are the best choice. They are not as spacious as tourist tents, but they are light and easy to carry. They should have an aluminium frame. In the case of high mountain trekking, expedition tents, resistant to extreme weather conditions, will be useful.
  3. Tourist backpack - In the case of trekking, a big problem is the transport of luggage, especially during multi-day trips. Then it is best to buy a tourist backpack. It should be spacious (about 50 litres or more), have a movable carrying system, comfortable, soft braces, frame, hip belt and chest belt, and a built-in water skinner.
  4. First Aid Kit - is a very important piece of equipment. It will be necessary in a crisis situation, e.g. if you slip and fall. The first-aid kit should contain such products as: dressings (plasters, bandages, disinfectants) and medicines (for colds, pains, stomach ailments, burns). It's good if there are scissors, tweezers or gloves in pharmacies.

What else is worth taking to the mountains?

In the mountains, other, very practical accessories are also useful. It is a good idea to buy trekking poles where you can support yourself while climbing. Also worth taking with you a rain cover for your backpack if it is not waterproof, a thermos or a thermal mug, utensils, a compass, a torch and spare batteries, a whistle, a map, a tape for patching holes or fixing, as well as an auxiliary cord (rephemer).

The mountains are undoubtedly beautiful, which attracts a lot of tourists every year. However, you should always remember that mountain trekking requires preparation. Every hiker should have appropriate equipment. Sleeping bag, tent, tourist backpack and first-aid kit are the basic equipment of all lovers of walking in the mountains.



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