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25 lutego 2019

You said “Yes!” What’s next?

The ring is on your finger; now it’s decision time. Some brides dream about a traditional, white wedding in their local church, while others crave a more intimate day on a sandy beach with guaranteed sunshine. How do weddings abroad compare to those back home?

£30,355 (approx. €34,730 - exchange rates from on 21.02.2019) - this is the average amount you can expect to pay for a wedding in the UK. According to’s National Wedding Survey 2018, the average cost of a British wedding has risen by £3,365 (approx. €3,850) in just one year. You might be surprised if you compare this to the average price of getting hitched abroad. A destination wedding could keep an extra £23,000 (approx. €26,320) in your pocket, with average prices coming in at £7,500 (approx. €8,592).

Rain or shine?

It doesn’t always rain in England, but let’s face it, the weather is not guaranteed either, even in the summer. If it’s sun, sea and sand you are after, then a wedding on the Mediterranean coast could be the one for you. Another option is to tie the knot in one of Europe’s many gorgeous, historical and picturesque cities, the like of which include Prague or Venice. If you are looking for something a little more out there, you could opt for a wintery wedding in one of the ice hotels in Scandinavia. The options are really endless.

One thing that a wedding abroad guarantees is uniqueness. It’s hard to create something memorable when you are surrounded by the norm. Not only will the exceptional views make a lasting impression on your guests, but also the opportunity to include some of the country’s cultures, traditions and local cuisine could pleasantly surprise.

The fact that you and your guests will have to travel in order to attend your big day encourages many to arrive a few days early. This gives them the opportunity to get to know each other prior to the event, which means awkwardness is decreased, and guests feel comfortable to socialise and celebrate together. Additionally, these extra few days will turn the wedding celebration into a short break and often a full-length holiday, creating a positive, relaxed, holiday atmosphere.

The list of advantages is long, but there are always two sides to every coin. There are three main reasons which could be a cause for concern. You have to remember that choosing a destination away from home will not suit everybody. Some of your guests may not be able to attend for various reasons, including age, health issues, time off work or expense. Another thing that could pose an issue is logistics. Remember that everything you buy for the event has to somehow make it to the venue. You don’t want to arrive a few days before the “I dos” to discover your bridesmaids’ dresses haven’t arrived or the perfect table settings you ordered got lost in transit.

Get some help

Planning a wedding from a distance can mean letting go of the reins and putting your trust into someone else. If leaving your big day in the hands of someone else brings on cold sweats, it might be worth hiring an experienced wedding planner. You don’t have to utilise their services for the whole event, enlisting them for a small fee to do a venue search on your behalf will take some of the pressure off your shoulders. Keep in mind that less popular tourist destinations often come in at a lower price, as well as offer richer culture and more astonishing surroundings.

Another benefit of using a wedding planner is the use of their guidance and knowledge. They can give you help with all of the legal aspects and ensure that you have the right documentation. Many also offer the assistance of a local coordinator, who will be on location when you arrive, ensure there are no lost in translation moments and guarantee your day goes as planned. All of these aspects can relieve the stresses related to organising your big day independently.

Don’t worry about payment

Paying for any wedding can be extremely stressful, and paying in a foreign currency in a foreign country before the deadline can pile on the pressure. The use of a reliable and trustworthy financial service provider could prove helpful. The money transfer service found at  offers customers an easy and cost-effective way to send money to 30 countries in 26 currencies. You can also download the company’s free app and initiate transactions on the go, 24/7, saving you time.



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