30 września 2017

Marine Life in Australia – where to see it?

Marine life in Australia is really diverse, thanks to the fact, that the continent is surrounded by three different oceans. So you may see tropical fish and coral in the northern Australia, but also penguins in the south and whale sharks in the west. However, the question is which places are the best to observe this incredible marine life? Here are some ideas.

1. Cairns

If you want to admire the wonderful Great Barrier Reef, you should definitely visit Cairns. There are number of great resorts for tourists and of course reef tours on catamarans with all the necessary equipment to snorkel and dive on the reef.

2. Exmouth

People who dream about swimming with whale sharks and manta rays, need to visit the western part of Australia. From Exmouth you will easily get to the Ningaloo Reef which is home for these amazing creatures.

Marine turtles of Australia

3. Heron Island

Heron Island is a unique place thanks to the fact that sea turtles lay their eggs here. You can observe them doing it from November, and between December and May you have an opportunity to watch little turtles getting out of the sand and marching to the sea.

4. Kangaroo Island

Don’t be mistaken by the name of this place! On the Kangaroo Island you won’t just see Kangaroos, but also other symbols of Australia, such as Koalas and Echidnas. However, the marine life is also incredible here, as you get a chance to walk among Sea Lions and watch Fur Seals.

5. Port Stevens

A visit in Port Stevens between June and August, and later on from September to November, will give you an opportunity to see migration of Humpback whales. What is more, in this particular part of Australia, there are many Bottle Nosed Dolphins, which you will definitely enjoy to watch.

Penguins in Australia

6. Phillip Island

Phillip Island is home to the Ferry Penguin, which is the smallest kind of Penguin. You may observe them here from the special viewing platforms outdoors or in the underground passage to watch them resting underground.

7. Head of the Bight

You need to visit the Great Australian Bight Marine Park as you may observe here a great number of incredible species, such as sea lions, whales or Great White Sharks. And Head of the Bight is a lookout point on the cliff, where you can see Southern Right Whales from May to October.

8. Port Lincoln

If you want to experience something really amazing, you need to visit Port Lincoln, where the Great White Sharks live. Here, you may be very close to them, especially if you decide to go cage diving!



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