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15 marca 2019

How to arrange a kitchen with an island

The kitchen island, which is distinguished by its modern appearance and functionality, is created by means of free-standing cabinets connected by a worktop. Its appearance is possible thanks to large kitchens, where you can freely dispose of space, and sometimes it is also an element of an open kitchen. Here are a few reasons to create it.

Kitchen island and modern design

More and more people are choosing kitchen islands, and in our Black Red White catalogues, you can come across proposals for arrangement. Creating an island in the kitchen allows for optimal use of space, and the selection of appropriate colors for cabinets and worktops, allows you to create a coherent and modern interior. This is influenced by the simple shape of the island, which, however, due to the space for free movement around it, must be accurately measured.

More kitchen cabinets

The kitchen island has a twofold function. It is elegant and provides more space for kitchen accessories. Usually there is a big problem with the room of all kitchen utensils, and what the island solves perfectly! You can design it in any way you like, but the cabinets should be spacious.

In addition to the shelves, it's good to think of drawers where you can hold everything you need for cooking. You can place herbs and spices as well as cutlery in them, which results in not distracting attention from the prepared dinner.

Kitchen with island

Additional large kitchen worktop

In addition to the cabinets, the island in the kitchen is also a new worktop. There you can cut vegetables and prepare a meal, and even find room for small signed containers of spices.

It can also be arranged in combination with a cooker or sink. Here, however, it is necessary to install the pipes in a professional manner. The hood no longer applies and you don't have to worry about its ideal size.

Dining table function

The island can be used as a dining room, adjustable hockers or suitable stools are sufficient. It will also work well in the kitchen open in case of guests' visit, giving the possibility of adding an additional table to it.

Open kitchen cooking zone

Open kitchens have this in common that they do not isolate us from other rooms, condemning us to one boring activity. Cooking in such a place, you can freely communicate with the rest of the family or watch TV when you're home alone. It is also an excellent way to integrate potential guests, who can be invited to prepare snacks with you, so that the island can easily be served with its spacious worktop.



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