12 marca 2019

How do I choose the right hotel?

Even the best holidays can be ruined by a weak hotel. Comfortable accommodation will make your holiday easier and put you in a good mood during your holiday. For this reason, it is worth choosing a place that will not spoil your holiday.

Most of us have experienced unsuccessful hotel accommodation: noise around the building, unpleasant service, dirt in the rooms, uncomfortable bed... What seems to be a detail can make our holidays a disaster. That's why it's worth spending some time choosing such a facility, which we'll be sure will meet our expectations.

It is worth defining them at the very beginning of the search for a hotel. In this way we will reject some options from the beginning. We have to decide whether we are just looking for accommodation or whether a hotel will be one of the most important things during the whole holiday. If we are going to visit a lot, we will not need additional facilities such as a spa, swimming pool or gym.

What criteria should be followed when choosing a hotel?

One of the most important criteria for choosing a hotel is its location, the assessment of the standard in relation to costs, the duration of the hotel day, guests' opinions about the facility and additional amenities such as breakfasts and lunches.

What to watch out for?

When choosing a hotel, you should carefully look at the photos of the hotel - preferably those taken by guests. Unfortunately, we are often tempted by beautiful advertising leaflets, which have nothing to do with reality. The same applies to websites where only the best rooms are sometimes displayed. This is especially important when travelling with children or going to a country whose reality is not yet known. This is particularly true of African, Egyptian, Indian, South American and Asian countries. Hotel stars do not tell us much about the standard of a hotel in a given country - completely different criteria apply. A five-star, inexpensive hotel in Goa may not match the standard of a Polish two-star inn.

How to choose a hotel

Always check your hotel reviews

Use the internet to check your opinion. However, it is worth being aware that some reviews are posted by the owners of the hotel or a person who has been paid for a good note. It is also worth noting that some guests compare five-star hotels in Third World countries to hotels with European standards. They are not aware that 5 stars in Tunisia will not provide a similar standard to the 5 stars in France.

Check the location of your hotel

Location is one of the most important elements to keep in mind when choosing a hotel. Check the distance from the train station, airport and city centre. It is worth to search for public transport connections. It can also happen that the hotel is located in a rather dangerous district. It is good to make sure that there is a shop, petrol station or any other place important from the tourist's point of view. Basic information can be checked on the Internet, so we can avoid unsuccessful holidays. Rather, none of us wants to spend holidays in a dangerous district, next to a construction site and with limited transport possibilities.



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