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20 lipca 2018

How to treat sinuses - drugs or natural methods?

Sinusitis is a very troublesome discomfort. Its main symptoms are strong rhinitis, clogged nose, lack of smell, weakness, and headaches, which intensify when bending. Often the problem with sinuses is the result of complications after a cold. It can also be viral, bacterial or fungal. How to treat the bays? First of all, you should seek the advice of a doctor, who will assess what kind of therapy the patient requires. With over-the-counter medications available without a prescription, it is possible to use both the drugs present in pharmacies and natural herbal preparations.

Natural ways

Herbal preparations for sinuses can be used both internally and externally. Herbal infusions and teas are used for internal treatment. It is also worth to use inhalations. Ointments, compresses and compresses saturated with herbal broth are used externally. Single herbs or mixtures of herbs can be used for drinking and inhalation. Camomile, mint, thyme, field horsetail and sage are particularly recommended for sinus problems. While drinking a hot infusion, we breathe in the aromatic, floating steam, which helps to unblock the clogged nose. The best for the bays are warming ointments: marjoram, camphor, eucalyptus or pine.

In case of problems with cold and bays it is also worth to get sea salt, as well as iodine-bromine salt. They can be used for effective inhalations and compresses.


In the treatment of sick sinuses and blocked nose, analgesics, anti-inflammatory and decongestive agents are used. These drugs should also facilitate the excretion of secretions. The offer of pharmacies includes various types of preparations. Among them you can find tablets and nasal sprays, whose main purpose is to reduce swelling. A very good solution to get rid of the problem with sinuses is to use rinsing fluids - sinus irrigation. Such substances cleanse the sinuses from secretion, shrink the mucous membranes and have an anti-inflammatory effect. Breathing will also be facilitated by sticks, gels and ointments with essential oils.

There are many remedies for people with sick sinuses on the market - these drugs are often available without a prescription. In case of need it is worth to reach for mild tablets, syrups and bay irrigation liquids. Do not forget about natural, herbal substances that will support the therapy.



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