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30 marca 2019

Decorative cushions - arrangement ideas

What is the number of pillows on the sofa? In which colours, patterns, size? Styling a bed/sanap with decorative cushions is not easy. However, you can succeed with a few rules!

Decorative cushions are an important element because thanks to them the room gets its original style. New pillowcases or other arrangement give a big change. Unfortunately, the choice of such cushions is difficult if you want to get a harmonious composition. Do you want to decorate your interior in this way? Check which rules you have to follow in order to arrange decorative pillows in the right way.

Colourful cushion puzzles

Everything has its beginning in colour. When you start styling the sofa, you first need to determine in which color palette it will be maintained. The basis here is the color of the bedspreads/canapes, or other dominant colors in the room. The cushions should fit them, not the other way round.

The next step in the selection of decorative cushions is their colours. A circle of colours, i.e. a pattern in the shape of a circle, which defines which colours interact with each other, will be helpful here. Colours lying on opposite sides create a contrast. By combining them you will achieve success and expressive effect.

Living room cushions

However, if the colours are adjacent, they should be described as complementary. Their combination guarantees harmony, cohesion and peace. However, you cannot exaggerate with colours! Four colours are all it takes and the sofa will look stunning.

Mixtures of textures and patterns

This is where the ride starts. There are plenty of patterns on the pillows, but you have to find one common point around which everything will rotate. For example, floral patterns with geometric figures will work together if they have the same main colour.

Different types of cushion fabrics are also important. If there are wool, linen and fur cushions in the vicinity, they will give the room a cosy atmosphere in which you want to relax.

Different shapes and sizes

Interesting styling is also achieved by the size and shape of the cushions. The most popular on the market are decorative cushions in the shape of squares measuring 45x45cm. They will look great with sides of 60cm or 40cm. The squares themselves should be interwoven with rectangles. It is also good to use unusual shapes like a knot or a wheel.

Decorative pillows


The arrangement of decorative cushions depends on the number of cushions. In principle, you can arrange them as you want, but the larger ones are to be the background, and the smaller ones are to be the foreground.


The number of decorative cushions is to depend on the size of the furniture on which it is to be placed. However, there is no obligation to put cushions only on furniture, they can always be stored e.g. in a basket and taken if necessary. The number of such pillows is in this case one of the key factors influencing their proper selection.

In addition, it is better to choose only decorative pillowcases. They are cheaper, easy to change and quick to clean.



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