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22 października 2018

How to choose a bicycle jacket?

A good bicycle jacket is an essential autumn accessory for every cyclist. Bicycle jackets shall be designed in such a way that they do not obstruct movement while riding and are not lifted by the wind. How to choose it and why is it worth it?

Bicycle jacket

Cyclists do not usually feel the need to buy specialist clothing, but everyone who rides a bicycle on long distances and very often will appreciate the perfectly made clothes for a bicycle - including a bicycle jacket.

The bicycle jacket has been specially designed for cycling and therefore meets the exorbitant requirements of cyclists. A well-chosen bicycle jacket is flexible, adheres to the body, does not blow up the wind, does not collapse, and at the same time protects against cold and drains away moisture. This is a one-off expense for several years. How to choose a bicycle jacket? Before buying a jacket designed for cycling it is worth to pay attention to a few issues:

Who will use a bicycle jacket? Bicycle jackets are produced for different groups of cyclists. In the shop we can find men's jackets, ladies' jackets, as well as children's jackets. Each of these groups can be divided into, for example, sizes.

What are the most important features of a bicycle jacket?

raincoat for bicycleIt is worth considering what will be important for us, because in shops we will get both raincoats, reflective jackets, or jackets with an unusual design. At what time of year do we want a jacket ? This is an important issue, as no bicycle jacket will work in all conditions.

Bicycle jacket - rainproof

What kind of jacket in autumn? In this role, raincoats with delicate lining work best. As winter conditions are much more challenging, it is important to consider which jacket to choose. The first option is to buy a thin jacket and put on a warm sweatshirt under it, and the second option is to buy a special insulated bicycle jacket. Nevertheless, it is a good solution to use layers with thermo-active clothing.

What else to pay attention to?

Choosing a bicycle jacket is not easy, so it is worth using additional criteria:

  • Price of the jacket - it is worth to decide in advance about the amount that we will spend on the jacket, because there are clothes available on the market at different prices.
  • Manufacturer's reputation - it is worth to reach for bicycle jackets of renowned and well-known manufacturers, because usually high quality goes hand in hand with the brand's reputation.
  • Colours and aesthetics of the jacket - not everyone cares about them, but among bicycle jackets you can find different colour options.
  • Additional options - bike jacket should have reflectors, pockets, detachable neck chimney or sleeves with thumb cut-out.

A good bicycle jacket is an essential part of your cycling wardrobe and it is hard to imagine cycling without it.



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