4 października 2017

Which dog breeds are the best?

There is no doubt that dogs are some of the best and most popular pets. We adore them mostly for the fact that they are extremely loyal and they love us unconditionally. What is more, dogs also protects their owners and give them a lot of comfort. However, there are some dog breeds that seem to be better than others, for example in reference to their health and personality.

Portuguese Water Dog

They are perfect for people who deal with allergy. Portuguese Water Dogs are independent, but like to show affection. It is also a very intelligent breed.

Newfoundland Dog

Newfoundland Dogs have incredibly docile temper, and thanks to that they are perfect for children. They are easy to train and also very loyal to their owners.


They are really sweet and lovely. Maltese have silky coat that doesn’t cause allergy reactions. They can be kept in apartments as they are quite small.

Golden Retrievers

This breed is perfect for children. Golden Retrievers are friendly, tolerant and loyal, thanks to which they are great companions for their owners.

Siberian husky


Huskies are extremely beautiful dogs, that are great with children. They are very friendly, but need a lot of attention and exercise. You need to know how to deal with them, and be prepared that they are great at escaping.


Poodles are very loyal family animals, which are protective of their owners. They are adorable and intelligent, thanks to which you can easily train them.


Beagles are good natured and that is why they are perfect for families and children. They are intelligent and often “work” at airports to sniff for illegal items. They don’t have any inherited health problems, but representatives of that breed howl a lot.

German Shepherds

German Shepherds are incredibly intelligent animals and quick learners, and that is why they are often used as service and police dogs. They love their owners and are extremely loyal to them.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Corgis are perfect for children, as they have great personalities and loves to play with their owners. You just need to watch out for the amount of food they get, as Corgis like to overeat.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers

This is one of the most popular breeds, as Labs have very even temperaments, thanks to which are ideal for children. They are playful, but also obedient and loyal to their owners.

Mixed Breeds

Representatives of mixed breeds are considered the best dogs by many people. They are usually really good natured and seem to have less inherited health problems than purebred dogs.



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