27 listopada 2020

5 most common myths about cloud computing services

​Cloud computing market grew incredibly fast in the last ten years. Although every technology is associated with some sort of inaccuracies, errors, and sometimes even risks, the myths about the cloud grew almost as potently as the cloud market itself. Here are some of the most common ones.

The cloud is a relatively new technology

Some still consider cloud as a fresh technology that still needs refining and may soon be replaced by a newer solution. The truth is that it first appeared on the market nearly twenty years ago which means it’s even older than iPhones. There are many examples of companies offering cloud computing services like that have been active for quite a long period of time.

The cloud increases the security risk

Many entrepreneurs worry that the cloud won’t be safe enough for storing sensitive business and customer data. Although they can be accessed remotely from nearly anywhere in the world, the cloud hosting providers take care of their full safety providing an effective barrier against any security breach.

The cloud is very expensive

The cloud services price depends on many different factors, so it’s quite difficult to generalize saying that it costs a lot. Even if it’s more expensive but provides high performance and vast availability, it can be worth the investment. It’s usually a scalable solution that allows its customers to pay only for what is actually used. Additionally, such services become more cost efficient with time when all the additional expenses are eliminated.

The cloud is a threat to the company’s employees

Some think that after implementing the cloud services at least a few of the employees may become useless. Quite the opposite. With cloud computing services come the new tasks that still need to be completed. It means that the solution doesn’t eliminate the job positions, but it transforms them.

Investing in the cloud means losing control

A cloud user doesn’t really lose control over all the processes within the company. It’s simply passing some tasks to the cloud. Thanks to the solution, the employees gain more time that can be spent in an even more productive way.

As you can see, the myths are still alive and ready to mislead the ones who don’t really know what the cloud is. Nevertheless, it’s worth getting to know how it works and what benefits it brings, because in the near future it will probably conquer most of the businesses out there.

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