5 września 2017

Cat breeds with great personalities

Most people who have never owned a cat believe that these animals do not attach themselves to their owners and also do not show much affection. However, there are many incredible cat breeds that have great personalities, and you simply just have to learn some more about them, to find a cat that will meet your expectations. And here are some examples of cats with best personalities.

The oriental

Great example of a cat that bonds with people and loves to spend time with its owner. Representatives of that breed are children friendly and get along with other animals. They are smart and social, but may suffer from dental problems and inherited disease of liver and kidneys.

The American shorthair

The American shorthair is perfect for children, but this breed do not mind the company of dogs either. He does not need any special care and is usually very healthy. The American shorthair is really easy going and pleasant.

The Birman

The Birman cat is a perfect choice for families, as he is social and playful, but can also be almost invisible when you don’t have time for him. The representatives of that breed are incredibly beautiful animals.

Sphynx cat

The sphynx

Because of the fact that the sphynx doesn’t have long hair, it is sensitive to the sun, and it is rather an indoor cat. The breed is really energetic and enjoy playing with people and other pets. The sphynx is also very cuddly and likes to show affection to his owners.

The ragdoll

Again, breed ideal for children as it is very gentle and doesn’t even use teeth or claws when playing. The ragdoll is incredibly affectionate and deeply attach oneself to his owners. He can’t really defend himself, so we shouldn’t leave him around other animals that might be aggressive.

The Siamese

These cats need a lot of attention and love routine, so they are not a good choice for someone who is busy or travels quite often. However, they are social and loving animals, which shows a lot of affection for their owners.

The Abyssinian

The Abyssinian

The Abyssinian cats simply love people, even though they are quite shy around strangers. They are loyal and curious, and also like playing with children and other pets.

The Persian

The Persian is a well-known breed of cats. They have a very long fur, which looks very beautiful, but requires daily grooming, and regular baths. These cats should be kept indoors, they are affectionate and appreciate peacefulness, so they are not a good choice for families with small children.



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